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    So I am going traveling next year for 2 months (driving route 66 and then on to Canada)

    I need some ideas to make some extra cash as I am saving like mad!!

    I already work full-time Mon – Fri 8.30 – 5pm. So getting a second job is an option but with tax, I would lose an awful lot for having 2 jobs.

    Are there many cash in hand jobs these days? I am happy to do pretty much anything (within reason) It will only be for a few months or so to give me some extra spending money.

    I am having a clear out of old clothes etc over the weekend which I will advertise online to sell.

    I used to do online surveys but can’t remember what the sites were?

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    Sorry to be the grumpy accountant, but whether you get a second job or earn cash in hand, you should still be paying the tax.

    Ebay is probably your friend – quite time consuming and make sure you are covering your postage costs, but things can sell quite well.

    I am sure you will have a fab trip though – we’ve travelled fairly extensively around the US and Canada. Where are you hoping to go in Canada? x

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      I know what you mean regarding taxes, I used to have 2 jobs which were both taxed, I ended up working the second job for hardly any money by the time Mr tax man got hold of it

      My friend is currently living in Toronto, so that will be my starting point. I would love to see Vancouver too. Can you recommend some things to see/do? or must see places? so far I have done all my research on Route 66 and almost finished my itinerary.

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        Toronto is a great city, and of course, while you are over that way, try to visit Niagara Falls – from both sides if possible. CN Tower in Toronto itself – just seen they now do a walk around the outside, not my cup of tea (the glass floor is quite enough), but maybe yours –

        Vancouver again is lovely – downtown is much like any other biggish city, but the harbour area is full of character. Whale watching is popular. But I preferred our stays in Banff and Whistler. Both are ski resorts, but there is plenty to do in the summer – white water rafting, bear watching, hiking, mountain biking (you take the bikes up in the ski lifts and cycle down), and both have great choices in restaurants/bars etc.

        Remember Canada is a vast country – Toronto to Vancouver is around 2,700 miles, so you will need to factor in travel days if you want to do both.

        Hope that helps a bit.

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      Yeah obviously the tax thing is an issue…

      But I cant imagine many of those who do things like sell beauty stuff like Avon necessarily are registered. You need to watch Ebay as at a certain point they will demand to see that you’re a proper business if you sell a certain amount of stuff or its obvious you’re selling stuff purely to make money out of it. We sell stuff on Ebay (as a reg business) and we had to jump through hoops to prove to them we were a legitimate business. I would start though with selling stuff that you simply dont need though thats hanging about the house.

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        But I cant imagine many of those who do things like sell beauty stuff like Avon necessarily are registered.

        Companies such as Avon provide HMRC with a list of commissions paid to their agents. Ie names, addresses and amounts.

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      Unless you’re already a higher rate tax-payer, then you’d just have 20% deducted; not exactly “working for hardly any money”. As you’d likely be under the NIC threshold in your second job (£112pw/£486pm) you wouldn’t have any extra NIC deducted.

      I’m afraid I’m in the grumpy old accountant corner – you have to pay tax on all your income!

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    Tax issues aside babysitting is a very easy way to make some extra pennies as well as House-sitting/pet-sitting.

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    Sorry to be a nag, but it is a criminal offence to get paid cash in hand to avoid paying tax.

    I would be going down the route of selling unwanted things on eBay etc and getting a second job, but accepting that legally I have to pay tax on it.

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      close your eyes.

      As myself, my husband and daughter all work full-time and pay lots of tax, I have no problem with daughter doing housesitting for friends and working for a caterer friend doing silver service at functions or helping another friend at weekend fairs for cash in hand.

      Really helps her pay for her horse as adulting for youngsters is tough when she has a mortgage, runs a car and has uni loan to pay off.

      Have a wonderful trip!

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        Sorry but your daughter is committing a criminal offence and potentially so are you, by not reporting it. Your caterer friend will also be committing an offence if she isn’t deducting the necessary NICS etc before paying cash in hand.

        We would all like to pay less tax, but the law is the law.

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        I wouldn’t advocate working cash in hand and avoiding tax, OP. Morality aside, there’s a huge risk of getting caught out and it’s just not worth it. Selling stuff on ebay is a better idea, if you can.

        Sounds like an awesome trip though!

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    Evening cleaning is normally quite well paid so might work out ok even after tax? if you’re arty you could get some cheap old furniture/chairs from a car boot and do them up then sell on?

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    to answer ops question walking
    3.delivering cars to showrooms via companies like greenhaus
    4. any agency work you are capable of such as bar work, cleaning
    5. carer for old folk at the weekend
    6. gardening

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    There are some ideas here

    Prolific Academic is one of the better survey sites, though it’s been quiet through the last few months.

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    Thanks all.

    I’d just like to point out, I do pay the correct amount of tax and always have done since the day I left school.

    I had a bar job which was 2 evenings per week, this was alongside a full-time office job. By the time I had paid tax on both, It worked out that I made a loss for having a second job. By the time I had factored in travel I was not having that much left over to warrant giving up 2 nights a week.

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    I did some mystery shopping. I set myself up as self employed so needed to sort out my own tax but I didn’t have to pay much at all (I’ll explain) and as I was paying NICs through my permanent role I didn’t need to pay any additional NI.

    When mystery shopping you will be given a budget to go into a shop (usually £5) which could be expensed and I’d be paid a nominal amount for doing the visit (usually £5). I’d done the free training with HMRC to understand what expenses could be written off against tax, which showed me how to correctly recognise my business expenses resulting in only minimal amount of tax each year. for example, my travel costs would not be expensed but could be written off against tax, reducing my tax bill. While you won’t make lots of money through this, you can make a little bit of pocket money and use the small amount of expenses for the purchase you’d have to make in the shop, as a discount against stuff you’d want to buy for your holiday anyway.

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    I do extra freelance work. I’m a writer so it’s admittedly quite an obvious option for me but sites like Upwork have options for pretty much everything from writing to reviewing things. Friends have done some translation work. Another got paid to simply set up a sim card or something because the client was overseas and buying one here requires proof of address and all kinds of things.

    Might be worth a shot to sign up and have a look!

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    Are you able to rent out a spare room? You can earn up to £7500 tax free by taking in a lodger and if it all goes a bit Pete Tong lodgers have fewer rights than tenants so easier to get rid of.

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    If you have a car a lot of takeaway places are looking for delivery drivers- Chinese and Indians are usually the best effort/money return, on a decent night you could make £50 quite easily depending on the place. Obviously tax issues not withstanding, you’d need business insurance on your car. I’ve known people be stopped by coppers- so I wouldn’t risk not having it!
    But places like Dominos and Papa Johns, will declare all your tax for you ( its minimum wage, but flexible hours, with little to no effort required, when I did this I worked 4 nights a week and made enough to run a car and pay for 2 horses!) and provide you with the right insurance free. Usually they cant get enough drivers so they’ll take basically anyone. They’re used to it being peoples 2nd job too.

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      Now that is an idea! I love driving and my town is full of take out places!

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