Boris Johnson doesn't tell me what to do! If you let scumbags like Boris take even an inch of your freedoms away they will take away them away. He maybe a total incompetent retard but he is a wannabe dictator and that makes him extremely dangerous. He has already took away our right to gather with people, he has closed down millions of peoples businesses and we cannot protest against his government without being arrested. What is next? If we are not careful we will find ourselves in living in the next Hong Kong, Myanmar or Venezuela.
Boris Johnson looks like the fucking monster from the goonies!
Feeling... crappy: Yeah he definitely is a monster. Killing over 125 000 people! He needs locking up and the key throwing away.
Boris Johnson lockdown roadmap is a complete and utter farce. He is opening up schools first... schools triggered the second wave! He is a total arsehole who is trying to make this pandemic last as long as possible because he knows that as soon as things get back to normal he will be kicked out.
dog: 🤣 Yep, he sure is!
Feeling... crappy: pig of a man
Nobody voted to live in a police state. Boris Johnson needs to be thrown out.
When it comes to Boris Johnson... No prime minister is better than a Boris Johnson as prime minister!
He is a fat lazy slob who should never have became Prime minister. Thanks to his incompetence and arrogance over 70, 000+ people have lost their lives, even more have lost their businesses and livelihoods and people mental health and wellbeing is down the toilet.
yogurt: 80 000 now.
We are no longer even allowed to protest against the government anymore without being locked up... Boris Johnson and the Tories are turning this country into communist China. It unacceptable in a supposed democratic and free country that Boris Johnson and his corrupt government have arrested countless non violent peaceful protestors who have simply been protesting against government restrictions which have taken away their basic freedoms and liberties, businesses and personal life. Boris Johnson is a dictator... a pathetic, incompetent cowardly one but a dictator none the less.
Even though his own son runs the country Stanley Johnson is apparently getting French citizenship because of Brexit... says it all really. I am sure once Boris has finished destroying the country and filled his pockets full of tax payers money he will join him.
burp: The Johnson family are all crooked just liked their noses. Probably knows that Boris time is nearly up and is fleeing the country because he wont be protected by his sons influence anymore.
Boris was very eager to tell us all about his plans for a "world beating" track and trace (surveillance) system but now he is very reluctant to reveal anything about the vaccine rollout and is even more tight lipped about when things might get back to normal and we get our freedom back. He is an utter scumbag.
burp: It is as though he doesn't want this plandemic to end. I have no doubt once it does end they will find something else to control us and tell us how to live our lives... maybe the climate emergency will be the next crisis.