When both the Chief Scientific advisors Patrick Vallance and the chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty both have shares in major drug companies supplying vaccines you have to wonder who's interests are they really looking out for? Just about all of the decisions that these two men have made throughout this pandemic such as such sending covid19 positive patients to care homes and hospices, reopening schools and telling people that children don't spread the virus when they obviously etc etc etc have only prolonged and worsened the pandemic. They are either totally incompetent or they are deliberately making things worse. to benefit the drug companies they have a vested interest in.
Apparently Home sectary Priti Patel is wanting to keep covid19 laws to stop protestors protesting even after the pandemic is over. We were told when these emergency laws were put in place that they would only stay for the duration of the pandemic but already we are seeing politicians going back on this promise. It is so obvious that these lockdown and restrictions have never been about controlling the virus they have always been about controlling us. We have lost all of our freedoms and rights and the government want to keep it that way!
Silly Cow: This government is the worst government this country has ever had. Boris Johnson and his midget army of lairs and scumbags should all jump off a bloody cliff.
What's up buttercup: That's terrible we should all go out and use our right to protest to object to these laws that are against our basic freedoms and human rights.. oh wait I forgot we are not allowed to :/
farce: If she isn't bullying her staff then she is bullying the British public.
Boris Johnson and Matt Hancock both know that as soon as this pandemic is over so too is their political careers that is why they are trying to prolong this pandemic and new normal for as long as possible.
Not ending lockdown until everyone is vaccinated is stupid. Only those who are at high risk of getting seriously ill from covid19 should be vaccinated. Forcing everyone even those who do not need to be vaccinated to get the vaccine is dangerous and can cause super viruses resistant to vaccines to emerge. Young people have immune system for a reason. If we do not use our immune systems and become reliant on vaccines that focus on certain elements of a virus rather than the bigger picture allows viruses too over time become stronger and more able to evade people immunes system even young peoples. We should not let drug companies force us to become reliant on vaccines when we dont need to be.

#endlockdown #vaccines
Wearing face masks is a dumb idea. Face masks don't protect you and could make you more ill if you have covid19. There is a reason why when you are ill you cough It is to try expel the virus from your body and reduce the virus load. If you have covid19 and wear a face mask you are not getting rid of the virus you will just be breathing it back in again potentially making things worse for yourself.
I wish all the SAGE scientists and professors die.
There is no excuse for lock down any more (they never did have an excuse anyway). There are vaccines such as the Johnson & Johnson vaccine that is proven to be 85% effective against serious illness against even the south African variants. Boris Johnson locking the country down is nothing to do with the virus and everything to do with government control and Marxism.
Boris Johnson's roadmap out of lockdown is some kind of sick joke. Until Boris Johnson is thrown out of number 10 lockdown and restrictions will never end. He is an authoritarian scumbag who is relishing every minute of this pandemic.
Silly Cow: He is a cockroach.
Feeling... crappy: its not a plan to get out of lockdown.. it is a plan to stay in it!
Being told what to do by a fat retard called Boris Johnson is not what I voted for.
Silly Cow: 😆
Lockdown actually makes things worse. Lockdown makes the virus more deadly because overtime if the virus has not be eliminated and it is still bubbling away in pockets of the population the virus will mutate and adapt to the human immune system and as a result will get stronger and more potent. Under lockdown people are not being exposed to the virus and their immune system will not adapt and evolve along with the virus. This will mean the virus has the upper hand and when people do get exposed to the virus the virus will have learnt a lot more about our immune systems than our bodies know about the virus. Lockdown should only have ever been a strategy at the very start of the pandemic of getting rid of the virus eliminating the virus totally from the country along with closing the borders totally. Lockdown should never be a a long term strategy or else you will be in lockdown FOREVER!