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  • My advice to you would be to never ever buy any fire extinguishers or any fire safety items from ebay or amazon! There are so many fake on those sites. Even though they maybe cheap and even look like the genuine things they will not be the same and will fail fire safety tests. I have a friend who bought a fire blanket from amazon when he tried extinguishing a chip pan fire with the blanket it didn’t work and it burnt both of his arms quite badly.

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    Russel Kane’s irreverent take on the sugar tax (it’s a little bit sweary)…

    I’m not totally sure what his point is but it made me chortle!

  • Ali posted a new activity comment 4 months, 2 weeks ago

    You could try a back support belt. Keeping the area warm would also be of benefit.

    Could it be that you have a minor disk slippage that is causing part of the nerve to be trapped?

  • Ali posted a new activity comment 4 months, 2 weeks ago

    Do you know what brought on your heel pain? When I got really nasty heel pain it was because I over did it and didn’t stretch properly when I went out running once. Maybe you need better support in your shoes.

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    AJ will win most probably, but wouldn’t like to predict how or when, but probably something later in the fight.

    I wasn’t incredibly impressed by his boxing skills against Klitschko, but think his size and strength will win tonight.

    • AJ certainly looks the part doesn’t he ? I think they’re both likeable too which isn’t always the case with fighters , hope it lives up to the hype & nobody gets busted up too badly.

  • Astronomers think they have found a galaxy with NO dark matter.

    I still don’t understand what dark matter is and if it is connected to the function of gravity, however how can a galaxy form without dark matter?

    Am I made up with dark matter?

  • I think they’re lucky to get people to apply, sticking fitness requirements to a level that will prevent more people joining isn’t really a good idea.

    My friend is close to 50 and he is usually the last man standing at their anual beep test.

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    I think the big issue with this sort of stuff is when it feeds into a culture that does real harm, or reinforces the idea that such a culture exists and is acceptable. So with the Hartlepool example I’d probably consider it to be harmless piss-taking among mates in Middlesborough, but totally unacceptable from, say, a posh tutor to a student at Oxford, where you might genuinely feel like you weren’t fitting in and being taking seriously because you aren’t posh and southern enough. Anti-semitism is very obviously problematic under most circumstances because anti-semitic cultures have a nasty habit of committing mass-murder.

    Regarding people taking the piss out of themselves, I think the question of when you start to feed into or reinforce a genuinely harmful culture is context…[Read more]

    • I’d say it has to do with intent, at least for some instances. But in same vein, some people want to be offended, then obviously there’s the deliberate intention to abuse.

      One of my difficulties, is offence always anti-Semitic? Or is there still a place to be offend and not claim anti-Semitism.

      And of course your correct in the general usage of words, and indeed groups taking offensive language for themselves.

      Case in point, group of lads on a train, looking at their phone discussing girls, “I’m telling you man she’s a Paki”, they were Asian lads, but how do you tell where someone comes from.

      I called them out and suggested they not use the term Paki, they pointed out they were Paki’s. We then talked about how come they don’t mind the word, what about if I called them Paki’s…[Read more]

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    I agree with him, you start locking people up for stuff like this and things can get very bad very quickly.

  • Ali replied to the topic Space and time in the forum General Chat 4 months, 3 weeks ago

    Why does E=mc^2 (E=mc squared) by Brian Cox is pretty good at explaining it.

    A Brief History of Time has a whole chapter about arrows of time and why they all point in the same direction.

    Simplest explanation is, if you want to describe a location you can do it in 3 dimensions (3 numbers), but if you want to describe an event you need to specify the time also, which is a 4th dimension (4 numbers).

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    Not at all sure about this, if the universe began with the big bang, and nothing can travel faster than the speed of light, the suggestion that galaxies are receding to quickly for their light to reach us to me implies that they are traveling faster than light…

    • No, it implies that space is expanding faster than light speed. Nothing is moving in that space faster than light speed. Bit of a mind bender, really.

    • “if the universe began with the big bang, and nothing can travel faster than the speed of light, the suggestion that galaxies are receeding to quickly for their light to reach us to me implies that they are traveling faster than light…”

      They are traveling faster than light away from us in the sense that (increase in separation)/(increase in time) gives a value greater than the speed of light.

      But, that’s not a problem. The statement “nothing can travel faster than light” is more pedantically stated as “no thing can travel from one location in space to another location in space at faster than light”.

      In the above scenario the galaxies are not moving from one region of space to another, they are stationary within their local bit of space, but the space between them is expanding.

  • @logi Yes had with other companies a tracking number generated but RM had no record for a day or two. Thought it was RM system that was “slow” to update since I’ve regularly had stuff delivered and it’s been 2 days later before the RM system actually updates and shows delivery details. Never really know who is at “fault” though.

    Certianly had various companies over the years that issue an email saying dispatched giving a date and time, which turned out to be just that they had packaged it up and it was still in the warehouse awaiting pickup by a courier which sometimes was even the next day.

  • If Royal Mail is delivering is it partly them? With the recent snow, not Amazon but I had an 48 hr marked item taking 9 days to come 20 miles by RM when they suspended deliveries only for two days due to snow problems. Also, had other cases where it seemed RM took the time they are paid for to deliver esp if second class.

  • Salt water and liquids until it settles, plus pain relief

  • Ali replied to the topic Best website hosting? in the forum General Chat 4 months, 4 weeks ago

    For work I have used a ton of different hosting providers ranging from super cheap ones to really expensive ones. For me the best host I have used by far is Siteground. Another good host is 1and1. Whilst the worst hosting I have came across (among the big hosting names) is Godaddy which absolutely stunk as it struggled to properly host a wordpress site.
    Some people just use but in my opinion is far too expensive and too restrictive. Because you do not have access to ftp and the php files of your site there really isnt much in the way of extra features, styling and customization that you can do.
    One positive that I can think of with using is that your site will be very safe from getting hacked.

    Also, be careful researching hosting…[Read more]

  • Ali posted a new activity comment 5 months ago

    Thanks to all for the support, I think it’s just hindsight. What I could of done differently, just eating me up.

    I know I should go round and see them, but it’s just that feeling in the pit of my stomach. Just a mad mad guilt.

    But again, thanks everyone for the kind words.

  • Ali posted an update 5 months ago

    So me and the OH went on a walk in our local country park, and took our spaniel on Tuesday.

    When we suddenly crossed paths with one of our neighbours, carrying her newborn, with their two dogs. Silva, German Shepherd, and Sergio, French Bulldog. Silva and my spaniel are best of fiends, absolutely inseparable! I also call her our neighbour, but her and her fiancé, we would probably class as very close friends. We were in the lakes with them last week, and me and her OH go out walking regularly.

    So the three of us, the baby, and the three dogs all set off on a longer walk. But along the way is a flood pipe. A steep slope on both sides with a higher side and a lower side, which I can only assume controls the flow of the water in the flood plains, down to the lower level. It just…[Read more]

    • logi replied 5 months ago

      What a sad story. I am no great fan of dogs but I am fighting back tears. A horrible and undeserved end

      but: you are *not* to blame. You did what was in your power to do, and more than most would. Your neighbours are lucky there was someone as selfless as you to even attempt the rescue.

      Speak to them. It’s likely to be emotional; but you both need to have that conversation.

    • That is a tragedy. I’m not sure you could have done more and well done for trying.

      Ive had a dog tragedy myself in different circumstances and it’s traumatic hence your feelings of guilt.

      Go and see them. There will be tears but that’s what life’s about. The longer you leave it the harder it is.

    • “PLEASE be careful around these flood pipes, they look still, but the flow is unbelievably strong!! It could have easily been a child, let alone a dog!”

      It’s so easy to underestimate the power of moving water – remember, a cubic meter of water literally weighs a tonne. If you put your body in the way of the flow it doesn’t take much water to pile up before you’re subject to a *lot* of force.

      “Secondly, some advice. I know it’s probably not the best place to come, but I don’t want to burden anyone else with it, as it’s our friends who need all the support, not me.”

      It looks to me like you could do with a bit of support too. You’re traumatised right now. There’s no right or wrong to how you should be feeling, but try to cut yourself some slack as far as the guilt is conce…[Read more]

    • Have a bloody large whisky and thank the stars you are still alive.

      Winter temperature water pinning one into a debris gate is the stuff of nightmares, especially if you did so in heavy shoes and clothes.

      I say that as someone whose idea of fun is to lob myself off the top of Low Force when it’s in mild spate and the water is 14oC, without a wet suit or a canoe wrapped around me. Good work for controlling the cold shock and keeping it together in the water.

      The most important thing you did was keeping the new mother out of the water. Between the after effects of pregnancy, labour and having a new baby, and the hysterics, you could have been looking at a motherless baby.

      There’s not much point in me telling you not to feel guilty, because brains don’t work like that.…[Read more]

    • josh replied 5 months ago

      You are not to blame.

      You did not kill the dog. The horrible accident killed the dog. You did everything you were capable of at the time and a damn site more than most. You are clearly a great friend.

      Pop round and see them. Take a card and some flowers.

    • mel replied 5 months ago

      Horrid thing to be involved with.

      It sounds like you did what you could, and kept your head. If you’d not been there doing what you could, maybe a young mum would have gone in the water and the tragedy would be even worse. Well done mate, its right to be upset, but you did exactly the right thing I suspect.

      Go round theirs, hug.

    • Ali replied 5 months ago

      Thanks to all for the support, I think it’s just hindsight. What I could of done differently, just eating me up.

      I know I should go round and see them, but it’s just that feeling in the pit of my stomach. Just a mad mad guilt.

      But again, thanks everyone for the kind words.

    • kal replied 5 months ago

      As others have said, don’t beat yourself up. You put your life at risk to try and save the dog, there was nothing more you could do. There is a long and tragic list of people who risked their lives to save pets, and didn’t make it. Be thankful you weren’t another victim.

      If you’re feeling guilty or awkward about going round, that is to be expected. But the longer you leave it the harder it will be. Perhaps text them and arrange to pop over on Friday. Bring a bottle of wine/whisky/brandy and have a wake? I’d imagine your friends are just as traumatized as you are, probably more so.

    • You put yourself at considerable risk to try and save a friend’s dog. You didn’t succeed, but you did a lot towards trying to help your friend’s dog. If your friends are good friends, and ‘normal’ people, whatever normal is, they’ll just appreciate that you tried, and will be very glad that you’re still here, too.

      At least you tried…

    • That’s an awful story but you’ve nothing to feel guilty about.

      I badly injured and very nearly killed my dog by accident a few years back and I still feel sick at the memory. It wasn’t your fault and you did everything you could. Do talk to your friends when you can, it won’t be easy but it should help.

      Might be worth a letter to the environment agency when you’re up to it, drains like that often have debris grates.

    • Looking in hindsight will make you go crazy. I felt guilty for a long time after (as a rather wayward teenager) getting into a car and directing two women and a guy to the red light district in Sheffield (they obviously didn’t know the city), my intuition told me they just wanted to get there after a long drive and I would be safe, which turned out to be true, and with an edge on the word ‘looking’, told me they were looking for somebody. Then walking past roughly the same area an hour or 2 later, I came across a lady who might have been described as being dressed like a prostitute who was in a traumatised state from having been beaten up, and was asking me the way to the train station.

      I spent quite a long time wondering if I’d unwittingly led to her being beaten up by the…[Read more]

    • I can’t do more than repeat what all the kind posters have said, you are not to blame if you hadn’t been there there is a reasonable chance that something worse could have happened.

      But as others have said seeing them again will be emotional but needs to be done sooner rather than later. I imagine your friends are wrapped up in their own grief and might not be aware of how traumatized you are feeling as it is their dog not yours. I’m sure they will want to offer you comfort and support if they know how upset you are.

    • You did a great thing trying to save Silva and preventing anyone else being hurt. There are so many stories of people drowning trying to rescue dogs. You did the right thing. Speak to your friends, they will understand. These guys may be able to help you organise your thoughts, even though Silva was not your dog:

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    How about the Diet of Worms?

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    I’ve got the blue butane gas canister in my van and it stops working in the cold, I’m swapping the gas supply to cure that. Your gas shouldn’t be ‘freezing’ in UK temperatures, it sounds like it might have ran out.

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