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  • You could alternatively very cheaply buy a waterproof silicone keyboard cover to put over the keyboard?

    Or for ‘medical’ use there are fully waterproof keyboards that can be dunked and cleaned in soapy water, or other waterproof ones with keys that are flatter, and can be wiped clean with any type of wet/disinfectant wipe, as wet as you want it.

    But it’s not really fair that you’ve got to buy your own computer equipment though? Unless you own part of the business or something like that.

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    Energy companies are being pushed to get everyone on a smart meter by 2020, which is why the energy companies are pushing more forcefully now.

    1st generation meters did indeed cause problems switching suppliers – they would just act as a “dumb” meter for any supplier other than the one that fitted it.

    2nd generation meters have overcome this problem and will work for all suppliers, however there was some kind of software issue when they were rolled out meaning that they were only working as standard meters for a lot of people initially. My understanding is that this has mostly been resolved and that updates will be pushed to existing meters automatically to make them work properly.

    I had a 2nd gen meter fitted by SSE earlier this year and have just moved to Bulb. The move…[Read more]

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    I assume you are married. if so you really need to look at the benefits that pass to your wife if you die in your 60’s.

    They really are unlikely to be matched if you switch away from your existing scheme.

    And a tip. A good financial adviser will tell you not to move. Find one of those, then work the options out with them. They will also probably want a fee to tell you this after analyzing your existing scheme.

    The scammers are those who will tell you the first option is to move away without even mentioning stay where you are.

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    My Nan had the classic ‘black figure at end of bed’ one.
    It’s centuries old, there was even an exhibition at the Tate about it years ago, all the artists depicted the same imagery, so try not to worry. It’s a brain/subconscious thing, the same as why when people take certain drugs, they often ‘see’ the same things.
    I’ve had it before too…usually when hangovering. I see spiders and I think I’ve fallen out of bed (I haven’t) and can’t move.

  • As a nurse I honestly don’t know what I think.

    I know what I see on a regular basis at work. I see those brought in barely breathing after ODing on heroin, then withdrawing rapidly from the reversal agents. I see horrendous aggression and violent behaviour from some under the influence. I see bodies that appear to be eaten from the inside out. I see desperation for the next hit. I see utterly broken families.

    There are the typical older drugs, the heroin, cocaine, and weed. Then we have the newer MDMA, spice and mambas. They all bring different problems. Would those problems be better or worse with changes in the law, I don’t know, I really don’t. I do wish we saw less of those problems.

  • Can we apply the same thinking to portion sizes in restaurants?

  • I suspect the low numbers produced push prices up for large (or small) sizes. Particularly for shoes etc where lasts are needed.

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    National Express coaches are cheap and do routes all over the country, but nothing beats the convenience of your own transport. Really more or less anywhere is interesting! Oxford and Oxfordshire would be very English! Probably heading west would be the more attractive countryside. Bath is lovely, although do not attempt to drive in Bath, there are car parks on the outskirts and buses into the centre.

    Stonehenge is the big attraction, with good reason, but if you go to Avebury Stone Circle you can get up close and touch the stones.

  • I have no issue with Grammar or Faith schools. But to invest £50 million on those two sectors specially is morally reprehensible.

    State schools generally are hideously underfunded and if there’s £50 million going spare them it should be spread around.

  • I think it’s appalling verging on criminal. Just put money in to education full stop.