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    Why are gun salesmen / customer service agents so dead? Like they have no souls… and if they did, it left their body decades ago.

    Up here in Canada all the stores, Cabelas, Wholesale Sports, Bass Pro, Independent retailers had sales on pump action shotguns. The Winchester SXP, Remington 870 and Mossberg 500 were all on sale for like $399.99 with a $25 mail in rebate. Like it was a steal for regular priced $550+. So as someone who has always shot rifles, I thought I would get myself a shotgun.

    So off I go to Bass Pro with the girlfriend. We grab a number and patiently wait…. for like 45min. I can’t even get close to the counter to see the different guns they have on display. Get yelled by agent “Step away from the counter until your number is called up”. Finally we get our chance and I request to see the Remington. Guy looks at me, he’s like 80 years of age with a oxygen tank. He asks, “why?”. I answer that I’m in the market for a shotgun to do trap and skeet. He shakes his head and grabs it. I handle it and have some questions on reliability and how it compares to the other three that are on sale. He replies “I don’t know, you going to buy it or not?” I tell him that I am still researching. He puts it back and tells me to come back when I decide. He has this look and attitude of “why are you bothering me/wasting my time”. If I got a chance to handle all 3 and gotten some advice about each, then yes I would have bought one from him that day, that hour.

    So we go home and I decide… I’ll research it myself and end up reading endless forums and youtube. Winchester SXP is the gun for me.

    So now I go to an independent retailer and the others. I request to see the Winchester. All salesmen still have the attitude as if I’m bothering them. None of them give me any details of the gun, none of them tell me pros or cons, when it comes to the best one for trap and skeet, they all say that if its under 28″ I can’t use it. Thanks for telling me the rules, now I want to know the reliability, best cleaning products, etc… but nope. Either buy it or get out. One guy even had an issue with me touching it. How can I buy something if I don’t know how it fits and balances in my hands.

    Like how did these guys even get a job selling guns? They are annoyed with customers, don’t know their products and don’t give a ###### about your questions.

    In the end, I did buy the SXP… and its beautiful.

    Your average gun store employee:

    • I don’t think it’s just gun stores! Most retail outlets are that way (Wal-Mart!) I have personally been in Wal-Mart and asked an associate where something was located, only to be told “We don’t sell that” 5 minutes later I found said item and even showed it to the associate, and got a “Oh, that’s what you meant?” so I think it has to do with the way the company treats there employees, having worked for Wal-Mart, I can say first hand that all the company cares about is the all mighty dollar, they could give a damn less about the employees (in fact they don’t…) so what you are describing sounds all to familiar with a bad company, though that alone is no excuse, but I am sure it has allot to do with it!

    • Working retail destroys the soul, this is a fact.

    • ^ Working any customer service type job does…
      I should know, I’m a tech >.< Don't know how many times I have to explain to the Stupidvisors (Supervisors) at work that their issue isn't within my power to deal with, that they need to call the help desk… then 5 minutes later they call ME for the exact same issue without even contacting the help desk…

    • It’s a result of an occupational hazard me thinks.

      They always run the risk of having their own merchandise pointed back at them.

      So they gotta be prepared for anything.

    • No, I think it’s more related to their incentive… They probably make peanuts so are not incentivized to sell more… People coming to gun store probably have already decided to buy a certain gun, and no convincing needs to be done… you dont have random walk-ins like in other stores

    • Gun smiths are worse. Brought my 460 Rowland 1911 in for some trigger work and the guy spent several minutes berating my choice of firearm and informing me what gun I should own…when I was there for repairs, needless to say I found another smith who while similar, was much nicer than him.