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  • cam replied to the topic Sleep paralysis in the forum General Chat 2 weeks, 5 days ago

    I have had two bouts of this in my life .
    The was when I was twenty I had returned to my parents after a relationship ended it was terrifying it was the classic huge black thing at the end of the bed and a terrible grinding noise I felt wide awake but could move my body .
    Looking back I was stressed and troubled ( I knew I has behaved badly )but I…[Read more]

  • I’m not sure what the answer is. I think we’ve all known ‘stoners’ who are either boring as hell and never seem to hold down a job or the ones whose brains got fried and are now psychotic nutters. Neither option seems great to me and hard drugs are not on my ‘to do list’ as they seem only to lead to misery. I think we’ve all seen blank eyed,…[Read more]

  • cam replied to the topic BT Broadband Scam? in the forum General Chat 1 month ago

    IMHO, they really should not be allowed to advertise ‘up to’. 75 baud would still be covered by that ‘up to’.

    Ah, the old ‘up to’ trick. The most meaningless phrase in advertising, used with impunity by a range of products. ”reduces dandruff by up to 100%’…technically means ‘ this may reduce dandruff a little bit, or it might complet…[Read more]

  • cam replied to the topic How to properly heal a wound? in the forum Health 1 month ago

    Honestly, don’t change it too often if it’s not showing signs of infection. Every time you change it, you will be removing the top layer of the wound healing process. Give it chance to make some progress.

  • cam replied to the topic How to properly heal a wound? in the forum Health 1 month ago

    It needs to be covered but with the right dressing which is hard to advise without seeing the wound. Ideally you want to be changing the dressing as infrequently as possible, as every dressing change, the wound cools from optimum healing temperature. A pharmacist may be able to take a look and suggest something you can buy over the counter.

    I’m…[Read more]

  • cam replied to the topic What are schools for? in the forum General Chat 1 month ago

    I like history and find it interesting.

    I did not like history as a subject past about year 7 though. The topics did seem quite restrictive/not very joined up.

  • cam replied to the topic What are schools for? in the forum General Chat 1 month ago

    @nerdkid History is a core subject until KS3 currently – I don’t think it particularly focuses key events though. In my experience there is limited focus on events, and more of a focus (in lower school) on how people lived in different times. I don’t think that’s hugely helpful – I think it’s more important for children to learn about how past…[Read more]

  • The Material cost is a pretty small part of the price. Labour time would be the same, packaging would be the same, shipping costs would be the same, marketing would be the same. The difference between making a garment in small or XL is pretty miniscule really.

  • Wells!

    We have just had a week in Somerset in a fab cottage and loved Wells. It is small and quaint and beautiful. The Cathedral is wonderful as is the Bishop’s Palace and there is much to see in the city, lots of good eating places, local pubs and a market on Wednesday and Saturday mornings. The surrounding area is lovely – Cheddar Gorge,…[Read more]

  • How would you explain though that in a province where we have, from primary to secondary level, a mixture of faith, grammar and integrated (same as your comprehensive) schools, with an optional transfer test (11+) for those who wish it, we manage to produce the best overall academic results in the UK, if this system is so wrong?

    And contrary to…[Read more]

  • cam replied to the topic New PC – any suggestions? in the forum General Chat 2 months ago

    Definitely avoid Lenovo -worst computer manufacturer ever from my experience!

  • I run a small business and getting exposure online is really hard and was wondering about giving adwords a go.
    Has anyone used adwords here? If so, what are your thought? does it work… is the ROI worth it? I would really appreciate any reviews and experiences you might have using adwords before I bit the bullet.

    Thank you!

  • cam replied to the topic Fibromyalgia and memory loss in the forum Health 2 months, 1 week ago

    I think problems with memory are quite common in fibromyalgia. My memory has gone shocking- I used to be able to remember everything but my short term memory is appalling now. I can still remember things from a long time ago but I sometimes simply cannot remember what I did two days ago. I’ll also ask the same person the same question several t…[Read more]

  • cam replied to the topic Melatonin to help stay asleep in the forum Health 2 months, 1 week ago

    When I had a period of disturbed sleep pattern, I didn’t find 5HTP or melatonin helped at all. It’s broken down too quickly by the body.

    I tried a course of magnesium and b vitamins and that had the best effect and I was much calmer during the day too.

    Drinking during the week was my main enemy and since I’ve stopped that things have also improved.

  • cam posted a new activity comment 2 months, 2 weeks ago

    The rationale I saw for that was that the countries where women more readily gravitate towards STEM tend to ones at the lower end of the socio-economic scale. That is, if you are lucky enough to get the opportunity to go to university you damn well make sure you choose a field of study that will afford you the greatest employment and earnings…[Read more]

  • cam posted a new activity comment 2 months, 2 weeks ago

    There is evidence towards the later, it being argued that if you compare the normal distributions of any traits between males and females you find greater variability in the male bell curve. You simply get way more males at the top and bottom ends of any distribution – more geniuses and more dunces as they say.

    This is also entirely compatible…[Read more]

  • cam posted a new activity comment 2 months, 2 weeks ago

    “Engineering departments are not exactly known for their bawdy macho sexist culture and the stereotype of nerdy types still kind of holds true today, it is basically still seen by many as being a deeply uncool subject up there with computing.”

    Interesting to hear that. Where I first went to university the engineering departments across the…[Read more]

  • cam posted a new activity comment 2 months, 4 weeks ago

    For someone who knows nothing about cricket, can you explain what’s happened ? Ball tampering, I appreciate. does it actually work ? I really am clueless about such things.

    • I believe it has to do with roughing up the surface of the ball so it enhances the friction coefficient and therefore gets more spin. I think!

      • Not spin – swing through the air, before it bounces. Roughing up one side, while shining the other side, creates an imbalance in resistance/friction as it moves through the air, so it doesn’t go straight, it swerves, making it harder to judge and hit. This is allegedly more pronounced in some atmospheric conditions than others, though I’m not sure…[Read more]

  • cam posted a new activity comment 3 months ago

    Why are you unconvinced about this?

    • Adam replied 3 months ago

      I know it’s not very scientific but it just seems too mind blindingly far out to be true. If eventually we find indisputable proof that it truly is the case then okay but right now I think you need some pretty extraordinary proof for such extraordinary claims.

      Odds or rarity would no longer have any meaning, if the chance of it happening is more…[Read more]

  • cam posted a new activity comment 3 months, 1 week ago

    Celebs such as Sofie Hagan and people like her encourage others to be fat, they encourage people to not do anything about their health and that attitude seems pretty widespread to me. People like her, and they’re very common, are not going to change their habits because portion sizes change they know exactly what they’re doing. They are the…[Read more]

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