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    There’s a cultural meme that being fat is okay. Fat is beautiful, saying people are fat is “fat shaming”.

    • Cancer Research’s campaign to raise awareness of obesity as a significant cancer risk seems important and worthwhile to me.

      It is undeniable that being obese is not good for a person, but there is also widespread bullying of fat people and to some degree this ‘meme’ is a reaction to that. So perhaps things are a bit more nuanced than you suggest.

      There’s a difference between a doctor honestly, perhaps quite bluntly, telling a patient that they really need to lose weight for the sake of their health and someone randomly chucking abuse at fatty online or in the street. Have a read of some of the past threads discussing obesity on here, a lot of people seem to think it’s acceptable to be *really* unpleasant about it quite openly. And if you have a genuine concern that a…[Read more]

      • Celebs such as Sofie Hagan and people like her encourage others to be fat, they encourage people to not do anything about their health and that attitude seems pretty widespread to me. People like her, and they’re very common, are not going to change their habits because portion sizes change they know exactly what they’re doing. They are the obesity epidemic. Their enablers (all those who sit at Sofie Hagan’s concerts laughing at her “funny” jokes) are also a major problem.

        Me being able to buy a large portion of chips is not the problem.

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    @howard Thats the rather simple and childish view I had when I was 16 – Do you really believe that society should value a slum landlord in the same way it values a heart surgeon?

    I believe that somebody should be valued according to the type of person that they are.

    In your rather simple and childish view, we should value the heart surgeon over the landlord, disregarding the fact that the surgeon may be a complete idiot and the landlord a genuine nice guy? Just because of his occupation?

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    @ali People trafficking isn’t a job. So no.

    Rubber Duck Manufacturing provides jobs and financial security to the families that work there. In turn they will put that money back into the economy. The actual product can be sold in shops worldwide, providing jobs within the distribution industry… and so on and on.

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    The best analogy I ever heard, was about life being a wheel.

    The wheels rim is the population, the wheels hub is life as we know it. Then every single job in the world, is a spoke on that wheel. You can take a spoke away, and it might survive for abit, but eventually it’ll weaken and fail. Every single job is just as important as the next!

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    I damaged mine, I couldn’t brush or wash my hair, do my bra up etc.

    It took months, I had physio and visited an oesteopath. I also did pilates which made a huge difference to my whole posture. I was advised not to wash windows, the car, do ironing nor vaccuming. As a result my hubby was trained in the art of switching on the hoover.

    Years later I can still feel it ache if I do too much with my arm up high.

    I hope you made a good recovery.

  • As a tax payer, I hope you are doing the required 35 hours per week job seeking. I’m lead to believe, by certain newspapers, that the unemployed sit around all day, watching tv, drinking stella, and spawning lots of kids.

    Quite how you could do 35 hours per week job seeking eludes me. If you scoured all the local papers, read the job sites, sent off CV’s, and looked for cards in the news agents window, by week 2 you’d have covered most angles. By week 3, covering the same source would only take an hour or two. So not certain where one would look for new job postings, to fill the remaining hours.

    Don’t let them get you down. Things could always be worse. At least you don’t work in the dole office and have no soul.

  • Have you tried asking it?

  • Please dont rely on the doctor to provide you with adequate treatment. They wont. Read the facebook group, but essentially you will need 10,000 ui of gel cap vitamin D, theres a list of the decent brands, 100 to 150 of K2, depending on what you weigh and then a decent magnesium supplement. Please also check your blood test results yourself. Thyroid/B12/ferritin all tend to go hand in hand. If you have MS you need everything to be at an optimal level to function well. So B12 over a 1000 and vitamin D over 100.

    I started the proper treatment and felt a little bit better very quickly, a month in and I was having to tell people how much better I felt as I couldnt believe it, and 3 months in I’m doing more than I have been able to do in years. I am constantly tired, but its the good…[Read more]

  • As someone who has probably used everyone, I do find it does depend on the practitioner a lot, a good physio who is willing to get hands on, move me a bout, and had some posh kit was the best option for me, unfortunately the best one I found lives a long way away from me now, I make do with a combination of chiro and sports therapy at the moment, the former just because it is 5 mins from work so easy!

  • Putin’s Russia is quite ready to threaten or use conventional military force with no qualms, to interfere in the Western democratic process, kill its political opponents in the UK and stage cyber attacks on UK assets, military and commercial. I take the point that much of this is directed at what it sees as parts of the former Russina / USSR empire but since that includes Finland, the Baltic States, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, parts of Japan, China and the Arctic, I’m not so happy to give that a pass and assume it won’t adversely affect us. Russia has also threatened other countries, even NATO West European countries – explicit nuclear threats to Denmark recently, IIRC.

    China is also happy…[Read more]

  • I’ve got an Amazon Echo and a Google Home but I only use Google because here in France the Echo isn’t officially supported so doesn’t properly link to my Prime account. However, I much prefer Google.

    The language is much more natural and you don’t have to ‘remember’ commands – you can just talk to it a bit more simply. She sometimes makes mistakes though.

    Google understands different users by voice so will respond differently if you’re asking what is happening with your day (eg. looking in your calendar) or whatnot. I think with Alexa you have to change profile a bit more explicitly.

    I have a Bose Soundtouch which is frankly rubbish and I’m going to scrap it for some Sonos speakers but at the moment I have it tied into a Chromecast audio, so you can just ask Google to play…[Read more]