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    Just to balance out the last few responses in case some of our younger members are put off applying, I absolutely loved my Cambridge years. Went from a Scottish state school aged 17 thinking I was way out my depth. It took roughly 72 hours before I realised I was in heaven. So many great people and so much going on. It’s definitely a ‘work hard play hard’ place (we had Saturday lectures). I am no genius but never found the work that problematic. Late night supervisions (Friday 9pm anyone?) initially seemed a chore but often descended into rambling drunken discourses (alcohol provided by the Prof) which were hugely entertaining. It’s a beautiful place and anyone who gets a place is very privileged regardless of what comes later in their career. Hobbies and intrests do take a bit o…[Read more]

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    Has anyone else experienced this? Had a horrible experience a few nights back, fell asleep early as was completely exhausted. Was lying in bed looking at the window, didn’t think anything of it but suddenly thought I could see someone climbing through the closed window (small one too, a kid could possibly climb through at a push but it wouldn’t be graceful) I tried to sit up but couldn’t move or talk or even blink. The image was jumpy, then looked like a figure was standing by my bed completely black like a shadow just a basic outline and my door was open so plenty of light. Finally managed the blink then “woke up” and it was gone. Then realised I hadn’t been able to hear anything as I could hear the TV on in the other room and my mum confirmed I hadn’t made a sound and definitely…[Read more]

  • I feel like the newer synthetic drugs are even more dangerous than the old fashioned ones (MDMA excluded – this is just the active ingredient in ecstasy which has been around for years).
    Spice/mamba are extremely dangerous. These newer synthetic drugs are actually products of “traditional” drugs being illegal – they were only developed to get through the loophole in the law of “legal highs” (which of course, are now also illegal). The demand for new “legal” substances wouldn’t have been there if “proper” drugs were legal.

    Perhaps the new stuff would have been developed eventually anyway but it’s undeniable that the reason they were first dreamt up was to try to enable people to get high without breaking the law and being prosecuted.

  • If you look at the products on offer at discount shops like TKmaxx and on the end of season sale rails you’ll notice immediately that they are mostly stupidly big or small. These items obviously don’t sell as well as the middle sizes and therefore the economies of scale aren’t as substantial.

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    For two of you to travel by train anywhere in U.K. will cost a small fortune and you may find it is actually cheaper to rent a car at Heathrow. Oxford is always horrendously busy with visitors in the summer but Bath is lovely as are the Cotswolds. If you don’t end up getting a car and do find yourself in Oxford then the bus services to Heathrow is excellent and not at all expensive.

  • I don’t understand your last sentence ” It would be bad if people who were not strong in academic stuff or practical stuff felt out of place because they fitted nowhere”. What sort of people have you in mind and what type of education do they need? Is it special needs education or would they be best catered for at one of the specialist academies?

  • I attended both a faith school and a grammar and have absolutely no regrets about either so I’m afraid I don’t support your argument OP. We have some good grammar schools here in Lincolnshire and I like the choice that provides. Just because a child is bright academically does not mean they are compelled to attend a grammar school if they don’t want to. I’ve only experienced one faith school so am not qualified to comment further really.