• carlson posted an update 4 months, 2 weeks ago

    Looking for suggestions on exercises/stretches that can help with lower back pain. Always had issues but for the past couple months, it has been much worse. Probably because I have been driving 100+ miles per day for the last two months as well….long story. Chiropractor helps but is the worst tonight. Sat down and had to roll over to get up. Sucks getting old.

    Also, any suggestions on something to get for lower back support while driving would be appreciated.


    • Yoga, for an hour, two to three times a week.

    • The previous 2 answers + lots of painkillers

      • Painkillers are terrible for you. I was on them for a while but my back kept getting worse. It was only when I started to workout every morning before work that my back stopped hurting.

      • When you need painkillers to be functional, you need another solution.

        I have two herniated discs in my neck and I’ve had two flare ups in 3 years. Depending on how bad the pain is, you should maybe get an MRI to see what exactly is going on to then find the right treatment.

        Do you just need better back support while driving?

        If it is minor herniation, Turmeric paste is a natural remedy that helps inflammation. Pineapple is an excellent anti-inflammatory. I also stopped drinking alcohol mostly. I would drink wine every night, sometimes hard liquor but found that it was making my inflammation worse.

        this might be helpful >>> https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=turmeric user group (Group is run by a Australian doctor)

        • They have their place in medical treatments, but there are risks.
          Of course, if the person has an addictive tendency, then they should be avoided.

          I guess I should have put some kind of disclaimer, or smiley face @ the end, signifying me not being serious.
          I have 2 MDs in my family, and my fiance is a pediatrician.

          My bad.

          I also have disc issues (C6 & C7) from a car accident (went through the windshield) along with (2) 1.5cm cysts in my brain cavity causing nasty migraines. I was popping Tramadol daily, then got treatment for the problems and weaned off of the pills.

          After the MRI, I did PT and chiro (much to the dismay of my family members who think all chiros are quacks) & did lidocaine up the nasal passage – no more headaches.

    • You could try a back support belt. Keeping the area warm would also be of benefit.

      Could it be that you have a minor disk slippage that is causing part of the nerve to be trapped?

    • Thanks for the suggestions. Will try them as soon as I can move enough to do so. Just think I need to do some exercises and stretches to strengthen my back. Had xrays done and those are fine. I only take meds when I need them.

    • I also believe that proper support in your shoes will help with lower back pain. Most likely something to do with insoles.

      • @Nile is right insoles can help with back pain! I used to suffer from really bad back ache so I decided to go see a physiotherapist after thorough examination he told me that I should start wearing orthotic insoles to help improve my posture. The ones I bought where a pair from http://footreviver.com/, I tried other makes but for me the footreviver ones worked the best (however it should be stressed that everyone’s needs and requirements are different so a pair of insoles that work for me may not work for somebody else). Within a couple of weeks my posture improved and my back pain reduced significantly, I still get niggling pains every now and again but no where near as bad as I used to get. Here is a link if your interested…