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  • Indeed, but there are also deals about on good/specific cars if you know where to look but the timing of availability has to be right. Very recently Jaguar shipped off a load of Diesel R model XFs for £90 a month on a 6+35 deal which is just bonkers! sold out in a day

    I know my car was a good £100 less than the price a few months later because V…[Read more]

  • @crud Have you seen the way people look after their (and other peoples) cars these days? I would think 80% of cars get at least one wheel curbed in their first year

    If someone’s driving a leaf they are unlikely to be someone who enjoys driving or is into cars.

    People tend to enjoy and be interested in things they are good at….

  • I certainly don’t like PCP, but lease hire is much better. It’s a straight forward agreement. I rent the car for X for x months plus an up front deposit. I don’t own it, I give it back after x months with nothing to pay (unless returned damaged) and nothing owned.

    For me the benefit comes from a few things:

    No long term commitment

    Majority of…[Read more]

  • No you aren’t correct.

    It’s not because of holding the warranty (you are correct in asserting that a warranty must be honoured as long as the service schedule has been met by ANY reputable garage.

    It’s because the car is leased. It is not owned by your mate, and as part of the agreement with the owner it is to be serviced at the main dealer.…[Read more]

  • There has been speculation that perhaps if a testing station had been made available, and bottled water had been provided for a reasonable price, those deaths may have been prevented. Yes, we should make all drugs legal, and regulated. Often its not the drug, but the strength and purity that does the damage.
    As far as ‘a cheeky cider’, well, there…[Read more]

  • I agree with this. If more money goes to grammars, then there MUST be provision for the kids that don’t go to grammars, if you want to teach kids according to academic ability then why should just the ‘book smart’ kids get the best? Especially when they rarely are the genuinely smart…the coaching middle class kids get to go through the 11+ is ob…[Read more]