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  • chris replied to the topic Best website hosting? in the forum General Chat 3 months ago

    Following as I’ve been informed by my webhost that they are no longer offering my package are so terminating their services soon, so I need to find an alternative. Feeling a bit out of my depth!

  • The preponderance of habitable zone planets in the small fraction of our galaxy surveyed so far. Let alone the number of galaxies out there.

    The rapidity with which life started on this planet, combined with the number of different experiments that have showed biogenesis in young-planet environments. Not to mention the sheer dull commonness of…

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  • chris replied to the topic Getting taxation right in the forum General Chat 6 months ago

    If a private business can provide a service and make a profit there is no reason government shouldn’t be able to do the same thing if it was managed correctly.

    @katy Agreed. In principle. The trouble was that publicly owned organisations were often very inefficient. If they were taken back into public ownership the business model would have to…[Read more]