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  • Assuming your boss is not terribly IT literate, and you are using the same login / account as they are to access your computer, use the windows settings to switch over your mouse buttons to ‘left handed mouse’. Select sticky keys on the keyboard. Rotate your screen display by 90 degrees (press ctrl+alt+left or right arrow). Take a screenshot of your screen, paste it into a powerpoint presentation, copy the slide umpty-ump times and leave the file open in presentation mode. Set auto-correct so that every time they type their surname, MS Word replaces it with ‘Ipickmynoseinpublic’. Retire to a safe distance and enjoy.

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    A SMETS-2 meter (comms hub) works with any supplier, so you switch in theory more easily than without a smart meter

    A SMETS-1 meter will typically only work with the supplier who issued it, hence if you switch you lose the smart functionality

    Suppliers are curently installing both type 1 and type 2 as DCC/DECC keep delaying date when Type 1 can no longer be installed.

    So worth checking with your supplier which it is

  • I would (and have in the past) just get the second hand one/breaker’s yard/dealer.

    The previous owner of my current car managed to get the driver who dinged it and drove off, the police tracked him down. Culprit didn’t want to do it through insurance so paid to have the whole panel re-sprayed…

  • Google adwords simply doesnt work!

  • Chris B replied to the topic Sleep paralysis in the forum General Chat 2 weeks, 5 days ago

    I’ve had it a few times over the years, usually when I have too much sleep – you know, when you wake up, make a cup of tea to drink in bed and then fall asleep again. Luckily I’ve never experienced anything other than paralysis, knowing that I’m awake but either unable to move at all or feeling that my body is made entirely of lead and I just haven’t got the strength to move. I was certain I once heard someone knocking at the door but I couldn’t do anything about it. I’m wise to it now and know that when it happens, I just need to go back to sleep and it will be ok when I wake up again.

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    Should you keep your money in a final salary scheme?: – it depends on

    a)if you think the scheme provider (your employer) will continue to keep it funded until you die. If the provider goes bust and the scheme wasn’t fully funded then your scheme may not pay out what it’s supposed to. A young person with a long way to go before drawing on a private sector final salary scheme should be advised of this risk. If you’re in a government scheme you’re less likely to have the government fail to pay up.

    b) Inheritability – many final salary schemes ‘die with you’, or only continue to pay out to your wife. If you’re not married then you may not be able to reap the benefits. If you have kids and think you may not live long enough to reap the benefits of a final salary scheme that will pay…[Read more]

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    Working retail destroys the soul, this is a fact.

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    Painkillers are terrible for you. I was on them for a while but my back kept getting worse. It was only when I started to workout every morning before work that my back stopped hurting.

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    I wonder what the correlation is between Guardian reading and pension.

    I’m going to guess that those on a low pension don’t read the Guardian…

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    I’m on sky fiber. I pay for something like 70meg and get a very consistent 30 to 40.

    Price wise I get the full TV package minus sports, broadband and landline for £52 a month. That took a lot of haggling though.

  • @bill @dizzy I actually thought it was bad for feet to go barefoot or even wear slippers for prolonged periods as there is no support for your feet .
    I agree correct exercise can help build up muscle but wearing insoles which encourage correct foot posture should also build up muscle to support lax ligaments.

  • I tended to take the view that we were not likley to be alone, the Drake equation was certainly a big factor. Then in mid 2017, I think, I saw Brian cox give a reasoned counter.

    @oldman Brian Cox has been to busy jetting around the world to think about it.

    Detection of ET has been based on looking for “obvious” radio signals.

    We have rarely broadcast an “obvious” signal in to space for that purpose – if a twin SETI program to ours was running a few hundred light years away it would almost certainly have missed our signals.

    The other source of obvious radio signals *was* stray AM and FM radio and analogue TV broadcasts. These have all but ceased and their replacements are broadband speed spectrum signals that are increasingly less obvious unless you know exactly what you’re…[Read more]

  • I have not had the norvovirus but I currently have the mucus cough virus which also involved throwing up and not being able to eat. I had the rehydration sachets. I have this virus for over two weeks now. The only good thing about the norovirus is most people seem to recover within a few days so hopefully won’t be long till you feel better.

  • @robert I agree with much of what you say, we need a massive change in mindset and policy across society, so that when an adult chooses to commence drinking their subsequent actions (including drinking more than originally planned) and any consequences (even death) are their responsibility and nobody else (with the exception of criminal acts against them obviously).

    Duty of care in this country is taken too fair, and resolves too many adults of responsibility, but until that changes the NHS and police have to protect themselves.

  • Worked at a music festival years ago, and they had “welfare tents” manned by nurses and social workers (it was a festival mainly targeted at teenagers, so loads of underaged) big tent with wipeable mattresses on the floor and lots of blankets. Worked so well and massively took the strain of of the Ambulance/ Field hospital. I think they are a brilliant idea, even if it is a bit of a shame that we need them.

    Great for new years eve when ambulance/ police have a duty of care to so many drunk people but no capacity to deal with it, just nice to have somewhere you can deposit someone who is clearly excessively vulnerable (too the cold, sexual assault, being run over staggering home) but don’t really need medical attention. I remember working one NYE and it was between -5C and -10C…[Read more]

  • This is my dad’s recipe to cure a cold:

    Take a RAW clove of garlic, and chop it up and put it between two sides of bread. Eat!

    At same time, consume mixture of Whiskey, Brandy & Gin, plus some Grated Ginger (raw) added in, and warmed. As much as needed!

    He swears by it.

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    I had mine out years ago and the GP signed me off for 2 weeks! I was delighted. I took careful note of the instructions from the hospital about rinsing – can’t remember if it was just salt water or bicarb, and my face swelled up as if I had been in a fight, but after 3 or 4 days of not doing much I resolutely kept rinsing and was able to go out and about and when I went out for the post op check the doctors were very pleased and said that I had obviously been careful.

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    I don’t get why all the Mohammedans are crying and throwing there toys out the pram at the prospect of Donald Trump declaring Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital. Israel belongs to the Jews and has belonged to the Jews for thousands of years long before Mohammedans came along. The Jews should be able to do what they like with their own country. For example Gollum (Erdogan) the dictator of turkey has spoken out saying that recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital is a “red line” for Muslims. and has said/threatened that he would also rally other Mohammedan countries to oppose the move to make Jerusalem the capital of Israel.

    Here is the news article about it all : https:/…

    [Read more]

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    Looks as though they have uncensored the video now.

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    Yuk! I am sick to death of all this stupid pride stuff. So glad this advert backfired.

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