• Chris B posted an update 7 months, 3 weeks ago

    Media.net is nothing but a scam!!! My site is tech related blog and is included in Google news and gets lots of high quality us and uk traffic to it… I decided to try out media.net aka Yahoo, Bing Network Contextual Ads to my site, but after running the ads and getting tons of ad impressions and clicks I was unable to earn a penny. Media.net set my RPM to $0.0 which meant no matter how much traffic I sent them I would never earn anything. I then emailed my account manager who was very helpful when it came to placing the ads on my site.. but when I emailed him to ask why I wasn’t being paid.. he gave no answer. After doing some research online I have found multiple blogs written by people who have had the exact same experience as I have. This leads me to the conclusion that media.net is nothing more than a scam using webmaster to get free ad impressions on their lame looking ads. If you are thinking of using these guys as an alternative to google adsense then I say don’t bother!

    • @chrisb as the saying goes if something seems to good to be true it probably is. I just looked at media.net’s terms and conditions and they have jam packed it full of ambiguous and unreasonable rules to allow them to avoid paying advertisers such as you cannot place ads on sites “Placed on free hosted pages.” or have “Bulk of the content is user-generated”

      • I didn’t break any of there rules… they just made it impossible for me to even earn anything. Hopefully people will see this and avoid using them and this scam company can go bust.

        • Maybe take them to a small claims court to get your rightful earnings?