• Crud posted an update 4 months, 4 weeks ago

    Have I got the job?

    Ok so I suspect the reality is that I’ve just got to be patient and wait until the meeting, but I wondered if those in the know could tell me whether this is likely to be good or bad news or whether I should just stop reading into things?

    Interviewed for an internal promotion last week, essentially at this stage it’s internal applicants only of which I was the only one (although totally aware they may still open it up to external candidates if I don’t fit the bill). HR sat in on my interview with my manager, and then transcripts were sent to upper management, they would then all sit together and discuss the interview and essentially decide my fate. I was meant to hear back early this week, but for one reason or another it got pushed back and the meeting is now this afternoon. I’ve just looked at the meeting invite and realised only myself and my manager are attending and am now panicking that HR are not attending and that it’s a bad sign

    I’m utterly terrible with the unknown, it puts me in a complete tailspin, so I’m fully aware I’m probably looking for signs that aren’t there and driving myself crazy in the process. The role itself is a huge deal for me (something I’ve been working towards since I joined the company) and would be a dream come true if I got it. On the flip side, if I don’t get it it would signify the end of any hope of development as I would essentially have to wait until the person that is hired for the role to decide to leave before there would be any further scope for progression, so as dramatic as it sounds it feels like things really are hanging in the balance right now.

    So please can I have some good vibes to keep me going through the next few hours and a gentle shake for all the overthinking x

    • Whatever the outcome there is nothing you can do about it now, so accept it is what it is and don’t torture yourself! 🙂

      • I know ultimately it’s out of my hands at this point and that I’ll know soon enough, but it’s just so hard to put it out of my mind.

    • Can’t help in any other way, but I will certainly send you lots of get the job vibes 😀

    • I don’t know what it means, and I hope it’s good news for you.
      BUT, if it isn’t the news you hoped for, would it be worth broaching the subject of development pathways in the same meeting. Rather than just sit and wait for that post to open up again could you mention your concerns to your manager and ask how you can now develop your career, can your manager help in any way there by creating openings or involving you in projects??

      • I did mention this in the initial meeting about the role and my interview as I understand the need to create the role but feel like it’s a short-term answer rather than a long-term solution to the lack of internal development. The view was very much that I would gain career development via guidance from whoever came into the role, but an actual promotion would only open up if the role became vacant. Unfortunately after nearly 3 years in my current role I feel that I am more than ready for that next step and having had a couple of interviews elsewhere in the last 12 months that resulted in offers for roles of a similar nature I feel it would be incredibly difficult to just sit quietly and wait for an opening to come around again if the worst did happen. All of which my manager is aware of (minus the job offers) and understands, so here’s hoping it won’t come to that as I really do love working here.

    • Fingers crossed for you!

      I’d assume that once the decision has been made either way, the meeting would just be you and your manager? Doesn’t seem like the whole interview panel need to be there for it.