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    Yes, it only seems to be people from the majority/luckiest group who tell others not to take things too seriously., and call it banter etc.

  • My original review that is still available on the Google cache version of the Trustpilot page simply says:

    My SMALL WordPress site hosted on brixly.co.uk has a load time of 60 SECONDS!!! according to Pingdom. Keep in mind this is with caching enabled which should speed things up and plugins, themes etc are kept to the bare minimum. Oh well, at least my site is faster than 3% of the internet. :S

    Judge for yourself whether this review deserved to be taken down. From now on Im never going to write reviews on Trustpilot if this is what they do! I will instead just write reviews on websites I know won’t censor me.

  • If you found this post via google you are probably wanting to know if Brixly is any good and whether to go with them or not, In my opinion, you should avoid them and go with a better host such as Siteground if you can afford it or Tech-hosts. This is because my experience with Brixly.uk is a very negative one.

    I hosted a site with them using there not so cheap £9.75 reseller offering to host a simple WordPress site on. The site that I was trying to host on Brixly was an ever so simple WordPress blog and shop with minimal plugins turned on and a very basic theme but despite this my sites speed was dismal, to say the least. Frustrated I put my site through Pingdom’s site speed testing tool and it was reported after multiple tests that my sites were taking on average around 10…[Read more]

  • We had an 18 month battle with rats after moving in to a new house (they don’t mention that in the home report do they!) so you have my sympathy.

    They were nesting in the loft insulation and apparently will always try to return to the same spot to breed. This meant every 6 weeks we’d get another rush of young rats. We tried all the traps and poisons we could and found that they all worked for a short while, and then the rats would work it out and avoid them. The snap traps were the most effective and easiest to deal with resetting. Most poisons will have an agent which dries the corpse out and stops it smelling, we still got a load of flies though.

    On each breeding cycle we would catch a load of the young rats but the mum was always too wise to get caught! The answer was to…[Read more]

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    No, it just means there are a lot more vacuous idiots than there are academically gifted people.

  • Thanks everyone, I’ll take a look at the things that have been suggested 🙂

    @scarymary, my things are selling well in shops and at shows. I just need a way to drive more people to my Etsy shop – it’s not like Ebay, you need to drive traffic yourself

  • Thank you both!

    I boosted posts on FB, and did some “like and share” giveaways, but although that got more people on the FB page it hasn’t translated into sales.

    I will look into Instagram again – I’m over 35 and don’t really get itbBut will make more effort.

    I’m not a member of Rural Crafts, although I belong to a local craft group and sell in their shop.

    I have 15 shows on the calendar for the remainder of the year, and am hoping as you say that this will build up my online following.

    I do wonder if part of the problem is that UK shoppers don’t seem to have heard of Etsy – out of my 15 sales, I’ve had 2 to the UK, 4 to the US, and the rest were friends/family.

  • I have a shop on Etsy, and a page on Facebook for it. I try to post a couple of times a week, and share to local selling groups.

    I’ve tried Instagram and Pintrest, but they don’t do a lot for me.

    Are there any other easy to use sites which I could try?

    Thanks for any ideas

  • We are looking at buying a second hand car at the moment. The dealers offer extortionate HP repayments and keep pushing for us to buy new.

    One even tried to sell me gap insurance for £400 on a 5 year old car worth £6k.

    I really don’t think their intention is to sell cars, their intention is to sell finance packages. One salesman called me back and asked if I’d thought about either the HP of the PCP option. I told him exactly what model, age, and mileage of car we were looking for and how much we wanted to spend, told him we had a loan in place with 3% interest, three weeks later and he’s still not called back. This is from a national network of dealers who deal in a very popular make of car, the model and age of which are all over the internet at the price we are willing…[Read more]

  • I’ve thought for a long time that people should have perfect dominion over their own bodies.

    John Stuart Mill wrote:

    That principle is, that the sole end for which mankind are warranted, individually or collectively, in interfering with the liberty of action of any of their number, is self-protection. That the only purpose for which power can be rightfully exercised over any member of a civilized community, against his will, is to prevent harm to others. His own good, either physical or moral, is not a sufficient warrant. He cannot rightfully be compelled to do or forbear because it will be better for him to do so, because it will make him happier, because, in the opinions of others, to do so would be wise, or even right.

    A substance should not be made illegal, but people…[Read more]

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    IMHO, they really should not be allowed to advertise ‘up to’. 75 baud would still be covered by that ‘up to’.

    It’s about time the ASA took them to task.

    But that being said atleast your not with vrigin media. Virgin media totally sucks and you definitely dont get anywhere near the speeds what you pay for.

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    I think this is largely reasonable. I would say that history is probably more important than art or music – I find that coupling a bit peculiar. History is, I think, vital to our understanding of modern society, democracy (and the alternatives, consequences thereof, trends in politics etc), and current international affairs. I’d be very disappointed, and concerned for future generations if it were relegated to a limited option, like music and art (which I think are valuable for humanity but of limited use to many who study them).

    I do think there is a place for grammar and archaic languages too, but the former should be central to the curriculum, while the latter are less universally important. I think everyone should have a grounding in grammar, or we’ll all be in…[Read more]

  • Most of the price is shop overheads, staff, rent, design, marketing, hanger space. The cloth cost is negligible.

    But it is capitalism, so the price is what people will pay. So the question is, what does society want to pay due to an innate sense of fairness ?

    In restaurants here it is more accepted that high price ingredients get the higher markups, while other countries have a smaller markup combined with a cover charge. We can shop at whichever shop has the ethos we approve of. Up to you.

    (As a different example, I will pay a little more for Patagonia clothing, because not only do they believe that womenswear should prioritise function and have proper pockets rather than fake ones, they spend some of their profits on environmental causes)

  • It’s a good point, and I think definitely applies to some professions. However, I’m lucky to work in a very diverse workplace in terms of educational and economic background, with people with PhDs down to school drop outs, and there is brilliant and useless across the whole spectrum. In terms of work ethic, innovative thinking and standard of work, the people who are the most capable are reliably those who are bright but a bit ‘alternative’ – those that flunked school but really shouldn’t have done, those who did degrees late, those with weird and wacky upbringing….

    And I think that was the point that YCBM was trying to make in one of her posts – that a rich life experience is as valuable in an employee as pure knowledge

  • I never know what I think about grammar schools, I’m very conflicted. On the one hand I do think that there should be specialist teaching for those with high academic ability, but on the other hand I was a child who desperately wanted to go to a grammar school as I was very academic and loved learning, but unfortunately I was never capable of passing the 11+ (heavily dyslexic and my reading and writing skills were still very poor at that age).