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    I’ve got a nextbase, it’s a good few years old now, dead easy to use and has saved me thousands on a claim! They are one of the more common ones.

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    It’s unclear what your scheme is.

    You say final salary. That means a set amount of monthly income for life. There is no “pot”.

    it is possible to transfer out if a final salary scheme and receive a pot instead. However it is rarely a sensible thing to do unless you know you have a life limiting illness. You have to take financial advice and this is costly – expect 3% of the transfer value.

    If the early deaths in your family are from a heritable condition then get tested and see where it takes you. You also need to consider that FS schemes provide a spouse benefit (if you have a spouse).

    The other type of pension is “money purchase” or “defined contribution”. With that you have the options and flexibilities others have mentioned. So you can take the tax free cash and keep the…[Read more]

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    Yep. Quite a lot. I get it worse if I nap in the daytime.
    I can remember a couple that were particularly bad- one that went on for over half an hour, which I only know because I heard a text arrive on my phone but was paralysed and being pulled in and out of sleep so couldn’t get to my phone. When in finally managed to wake up, the text had been sent over half an hour earlier.

    I often see things moving around the room or feel like things are climbing on top of me. Mine becomes a struggle of me trying to wake up and not being able to move and then being sucked back to sleep, then awake and stuck again.

    My friend has narcolepsy and suffers badly with this, she actually called a spiritualist in before she was diagnosed as she was convinced there was a ghost in her room!

  • I don’t think they should be legalised. How would I teach my child that drug taking is wrong if it’s legal? It’s known that that cannabis use leads onto more hard drugs and there’s a big difference between having a cheeky cider in the local park to getting stoned on a daily basis. My nephew rolls a joint as soon as he gets up and thinks it’s as normal as having a cigarette. To me it’s more like having a drink first thing and I’d say it affects his life in the same way.

    The two deaths at the weekend were near where I live. Those kids weren’t smoking joints they were popping pills. Should we be making things like Ecstasy and Heroin legal?

  • I believe that looking inside the bag in order to identifying the owner was acceptable. I believe opening the container in question was acceptable as you believed it contained an address.

    I believe that as soon as you saw that the container did not contain an address you should have closed it again. I believe sharing the information as to what was in the bag, other than a name and address, was wrong. I don’t believe it was for you to speculate or to share with others. I also would not have put such a matter, that could lose someone their job, or indeed cause you to be challenged, on an internet forum.

    Surely if you have a drugs/alcohol policy and the man looks impaired then you would just have given a drugs test?

    I really don’t think the contents of his personal bag is any of…[Read more]

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    Thinking about using 1and1 hosting? DONT! believe me it is a total waste of money and will stress you out to the max without a doubt.
    It is a very poor webhost and cannot properly run a simple wordpress site without running into errors such as “Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 67108864
    With there shared hosting plan if you are hosting more than one site you and if just one of those sites gets hacked for whatever reason ALL your sites then get hacked.
    This is one host to avoid. There are plenty of better hosts out there which cost alot less!

    #1and1 #sucks! #review

  • In Gloucestershire we still have a good selection of grammar schools, they are very popular (particularly Pates which is always in the top 10 of grammar schools!)

    I was brought up in Oxfordshire and my woolly liberal parents sent me to the local (rubbish!) comprehensive even though they had both gone to grammar schools in Yorkshire. I will wish to the end of my days that I had gone to a grammar school where I feel I would have been properly supported to achieve my potential! If I had had children I would have directed them to a grammar school if they had suited one

    As I don’t have any faith I really don’t feel able to comment on faith schools.