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    Some people are thin no matter what they eat or how much exercise they do. Luck?

    I do lots of exercise and eat a good, healthy, home cooked diet. I just about manage to remain in the healthy weight range if I avoid all rich foods. If I so much as sniff some chocolate I put on weight! I don’t drink any alcohol or soft drinks. Luck? It would be lucky if we had a famine, I’d probably do well.

    There is an extent to which it’s genetics and an extent to which you can change it. I can be a healthy weight, but I have to work blooming hard at it, some people can not give one jot of thought to their diet or exercise and be thin.

    • Indeed, it is all biology and genetic, and that is purely luck! No matter how much will power and good judgement i have, the body type I have is down to luck.

      Indeed, thin and healthy are very different things, which is why judging someone on their weight isn’t a good idea! I’m a little overweight at the moment, but exercise a lot and eat very healthily, so I would think I am pretty healthy. My uncle who never put on weight no matter how much crap he ate (from the east end of Glasgow so with lifestyle factors associated with that) had a stroke aged 47.

      So these are reasons not to judge people on being overweight and to promote healthy food choices.

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    Having just had a bad night on a new well new/second hand mattress, which was way to soft for my back and we have to switch back next weekend to our firm one, my thing for spasm is Ibuprofen and deep heat stick on back pads. Injections are brilliant if the DR will give them. Osteo also are a great relief for backs. I have spasm so easily which are really painful to work with

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    I put my husband in quarantine for 48hrs. He had to spend it in the ex garage now converted to playroom/office. Myself and 2 sons managed to avoid it.

    I went mad disinfecting anything he may have touched!!!

    Hope all sufferers get well soon.

  • if the useby date is the 27th why would you think you had to freeze it? **confused**

    I went to buy ours yesterday and the first one i picked up in M&S dripped blood and juices all over me and an assistant had to grab me some wipes. yuck. I was in Lidl later on and the whole shelf of turkeys was literally swimming in slimy leaked juice/blood. People were picking these up and putting them in their trolleys ?! I did mention it to a lad stocking the shelves and he wiped it out with a bit of blue roll. Smashing.