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  • Yes drugs should be legalised – for all the reasons you said.

    And if people object to this – well then surely they must think that alcohol should be made illegal, and classified as per illegal drugs? Because alcohol is amongst the most dangerous, addictive and damaging drugs out there.

    We all know that would never work… So why is it different for other drugs?

  • Maybe, in the name of research, she rolled up a £20 note and snorted some of it.

  • Oh I so feel your pain re this, again I can get to sleep but wake up between 1-2 and then can’t get back to sleep properly again.

    Interested re responses xx

  • Does anyone have them regularly? Or had one?

    Chatting to my brother, who has them regularly, and he marvelled how I spend so much money on physio and Osteo and things for the horses, yet I continue to walk around in agony without a second thought.

    So I have booked myself in for a sports massage tomorrow morning. The last time I had a massage was about 15 years ago. I was given a voucher for a neck and shoulder massage at a spa and it was the most horrifically painful 45 minutes. The lady actually asked me if I’d ever been in a car crash because she’d only ever seen muscles in that state after an accident (I hadn’t!). Every second was like torture so I’m really hoping tomorrow isn’t quite that bad!

  • EmmaS started the topic Best website hosting? in the forum General Chat 5 months ago

    I want to make the jump from using blogger to possibly WordPress.org on a self hosted site.

    Anyone done this? How easy was the process and which host did you choose?
    I have a domain name already so need to take that with me and would also like to import the content from the blogger site to the new one.

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    Cancer Research’s campaign to raise awareness of obesity as a significant cancer risk seems important and worthwhile to me.

    It is undeniable that being obese is not good for a person, but there is also widespread bullying of fat people and to some degree this ‘meme’ is a reaction to that. So perhaps things are a bit more nuanced than you suggest.

    There’s a difference between a doctor honestly, perhaps quite bluntly, telling a patient that they really need to lose weight for the sake of their health and someone randomly chucking abuse at fatty online or in the street. Have a read of some of the past threads discussing obesity on here, a lot of people seem to think it’s acceptable to be *really* unpleasant about it quite openly. And if you have a genuine concern that a…[Read more]

    • Celebs such as Sofie Hagan and people like her encourage others to be fat, they encourage people to not do anything about their health and that attitude seems pretty widespread to me. People like her, and they’re very common, are not going to change their habits because portion sizes change they know exactly what they’re doing. They are the obesity epidemic. Their enablers (all those who sit at Sofie Hagan’s concerts laughing at her “funny” jokes) are also a major problem.

      Me being able to buy a large portion of chips is not the problem.

  • How many days until you posted it? Not sure what you meant by ‘post day’.

  • EmmaS replied to the topic Rotator Cuff tear…. in the forum Health 6 months, 2 weeks ago

    My OH did (along with some other issues in same area) while playing rugby. After 3 years of no improvement he had it operated on and then it healed very well. After the op he had it in a sling and wasn’t able to use that arm for 8 weeks after the op and then had physio and has gradually built it back up with weights

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  • EmmaS replied to the topic How do you buy a car? in the forum General Chat 7 months ago

    I don’t buy new cars, but I don’t buy old bangers either.

    My current car was 18 months old when bought and about 55% the price of buying same car new. I went to one of the many dealers that specialise in cars of this age.

    Ive had one minor problem, fixed under warranty. The car is now four years old, nothing currently suggests that I can’t keep it for another 5 years problem free.

    I could probably have got a similar car privately for a bit less, but the small premium was worth if for the extra peace of mind and a reasonable part-ex offer.

    I will happily do the same again.

  • Wow, loads of useful answers! Thanks all! Am not sure where I would find community board in big city, but may be able to find local FB pages and ask friends. Sounds like private is the way to go for my circumstances; now to ask around and find someone!

  • I’m considering getting in a cleaner, at least in the short term. So I have a few questions, because I’ve not had one in this country!

    1. How do I find one? Companies, or someone private?
    2. How are cleaners paid (by hour/minimum number of hours), and what’s a ballpark range?
    3. I really need help doing a proper spring clean/evicting scary spiders. Are there cleaners that would do a one-off, and how much might I expect to pay for something like that?

    For info, I have a small 2-bedroom cottage with living room, kitchen, bath; no stairs.

    Any advice appreciated! I’m so overwhelmed at the moment with other stuff in my life; I need to get my place to be nice to be in!

  • I protected my soles with a very thin flexible solewhich I bought from a place called shoewawa which allowed a natural ‘breakover’ and got my muscles and joints used to the new dynamics slowly. It was sometimes tough at first but I have been pain free for three years now and I have developed ‘concavity’, i.e.. strong arches instead of flattish feet. My main problem is hating the cold! My first time completely barefoot in the mud was unexpectedly fun though. I had never done this in my life before, even as a kid!

  • We were all due to have a big family Christmas at my daughter’s finally finished house… she was so excited. Until that is, her OH was struck by norovirus Christmas Eve and she had to cancel everyone. She caught it Boxing Day and is now over the sickness but can’t face food and feels dreadful. Strangely 3 year old Grandson has escaped it so far. They have an awful lot of food gone to waste

  • Thanks everyone, not that I’m glad to hear others are ill to but I rarely
    catch a cold and on the rare occasion I do I’m generally over it within a week so this has been a real eye opener! Might try codeine cough stuff but am a bit scared as not great with codeine in any other form. Thanks again and hope everyone’s feeling better soon.

  • EmmaS replied to the topic Best Robot vacuum cleaners? in the forum Tech 7 months, 3 weeks ago

    I bought one for my parents a couple years ago, I can’t remember the make but I did a bit of research beforehand and settled on one at, I think, £240. So far it has functioned just fine and I think they are quite happy with it. The obvious plus is that you can press “go” and then essentially just ignore it so it’s a time-saving device much like a dishwasher or a self-driving car. But like a dishwasher, it is fundamentally less effective than you as a human are when the going really gets tricky.

    The downsides I remember my parents mentioning are:
    1) If you have a house alarm and set the hoover on a schedule, at some stage you are going to get the house alarm being set off by the hoover deciding to clean while you are out.
    2) It’s quite loud. Cats don’t like it at all (though, you…[Read more]

  • I’m on day 9 of the worst cold I have ever endured! All that’s left now is a highly irritating dry cough and horrendous chest/shoulder pain (presumably caused by constant severe coughing). I still spend most of the day feeling rotten and exhausted and have almost zero appetite.
    I’ve been to the walk in centre a couple of days ago and they said they thought it was viral and that though lymph nodes swollen etc. there was no indication of a chest infection.
    I just want it to GO AWAY, especially as it is Christmas Eve tomorrow!! Any advice??

  • ..or is eBay always geared in favour of the buyer?

    Someone is trying to return something to me for a refund. My listing was brutally honest about the item but it seems they can’t read!

    When they first contacted me I offered to take it back but they didn’t send it back and now three weeks later have raised an official return request staying it’s un-useable but it’s a rug with all fastenings and material intact so I can’t see how they can claim this

    I’ve been more than reasonable but they have now had weeks in which to use or damage the rug during the cold spell so I am no longer inclined to accept it back

    So I am wondering what the chances are of this going in my favour

  • Traitorous to whom?
    It can’t be traitorous to the UK because the people of the UK have decided by democratic process to leave the EU.
    As for Brexit itself, it’s happening and if you want to needlessly bandy around such emotive terms as treason/traitor, then they would probably be best aimed at a Government that decided to ignore the results of the referendum.
    I voted Remain, but have accepted the fact that we’re leaving the EU and hope Brexit means that the UK is better for it.

    The actions of Messrs Johnson, Gove etc. plus those who want to turn Britain into a neoliberal, low regulation hellhole, strike me as… not quite treasonous, but certainly much closer to that than those who have been clearly pro-remain all along.

    Besides that, apart from the actual act of voting, I can…[Read more]

  • Thanks folks. @dave you are right! I always used to joke that mum and dad would get salmonella but neither ever did. Dad would find tinned pears at the back of the kitchen cupboard 4 years out of date and not flinch about eating them. Onions would be soft and potatoes sprouting like little forests byt still consumed.

    Cooked half eaten Sunday dinner with a pork chop or chicken leg left on the counter in a warm kitchen overnight and eaten next evening!Mum leaves half eaten cream cakes on the counter in the kitchen all day and night and are still eaten. Sterra milk is left on the counter for days without being put in the fridge and mould on cheese or bread is just cut off with a knife.

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