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  • It does still impair judgement and spatial awareness, I wouldn’t want someone still under the influence picking up a baby! I agree that a hangover can make people very grumpy and you wouldn’t want someone dealing with young children to be in that state.

    I remember that when I was at High School in the 60s, there were teachers who were known to be drinking in school!

  • Legalise and tax!

    A friend of mine used to say that the best way to deal with illegal drugs was to make chewing gum illegal – then everyone would want some!

    However then I think there should be more provision for employers testing workers who appeared to be impaired in the workplace. Would you want your baby looked after by a Nursery worker who had been smoking cannabis the previous evening? Or your money counted in the bank by someone speeding? (Actually perhaps you would if their error was in your favour). Many of those who drive for a living, for example, already have contracts which allow for testing, it is perfectly workable.

  • …………..I wonder how much toast he had to eat for it to have that effect?

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    The bowler should be banned for 5 years, the captain for at least 10 (from ALL cricket, not just Tests). The same should go for the “leadership group”. This one match ban is a farce and will do nothing to deter anyone else doing the same.

    Maybe it’s about time cricketers were not allowed to wear trousers with pockets, might be the only way to stop it happening again.

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    Where has the nation’s sense of humour gone?

    The first thing that came into my head was that when I was growing up I’d see bikers going round with Iron Crosses on their leather jackets and swastikas on their backs. Did many people care? Not that I remember. Did the country turn into a fascist state. No? And I’m going back to when many adult males had fought in WWII.

    It’s a joke! If you can’t see that then the problem is with you, not with the comedian.

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    However does time exist, or is it a human invention concept thing?

    Time does exist, surely the human “invention” is the means of measuring it. Worth remembering too, that for many hundreds of years the measurement of time by humans was dependent on gravity.

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    “How can it be that something might have a physical edge?”

    Basically, in the case of the universe, because we can’t just nip over there and have a look. We have to come up with mathematical models for how the whole operation might work, and then see whether a) they accurately describe the stuff that we _can_ see and b) whether the universe that they predict has an edge and ultimately c) whether we can prove that any reasonable model that does a) properly will give the same answer for b). But given that we’re still working on a), c) is probably some way off.

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    We use a chromecast and then your phone becomes the UI.

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    Have a bloody large whisky and thank the stars you are still alive.

    Winter temperature water pinning one into a debris gate is the stuff of nightmares, especially if you did so in heavy shoes and clothes.

    I say that as someone whose idea of fun is to lob myself off the top of Low Force when it’s in mild spate and the water is 14oC, without a wet suit or a canoe wrapped around me. Good work for controlling the cold shock and keeping it together in the water.

    The most important thing you did was keeping the new mother out of the water. Between the after effects of pregnancy, labour and having a new baby, and the hysterics, you could have been looking at a motherless baby.

    There’s not much point in me telling you not to feel guilty, because brains don’t work like that.…[Read more]

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    @troll So Mark Zukerberg is evil because he wants to give everyone free money?

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    @oldnag clone why would Google want to take the world back to the 1700s? No one would have any money to spend?

    Why do you that what they want matters? We in the West live in democracies where we can tell companies how they are to behave, not the other way round.

    • It not about money is it though its about control. For example Mark zukerberg made a speech about giving everyone free money.

      Also its bit pathetic talking about democracy and then referring to me as “oldnag clone” just because you disagree with me you want to undermine the legitimacy of my comments by making out im just a clone.

    • @troll You’re not making much sense. Zuckerberg (and many Silicon Valley billionaires) support some for of UBI.

      Again, this is so that everybody has a basic level of income to spend on consumer goods. Which are of course advertised on Facebook. The way you word it, it’s some kind of Dr Evil plot to enslave the world. I’m not saying there aren’t dangers, but do you really think that’s the motivation?

      Also, for the most part these are publicly traded companies answerable to shareholders (eg. mine and your pension portfolios) who demand maximum return – so quite frankly they’re not going to do anything to jeopardise their business model.

    • @troll So Mark Zukerberg is evil because he wants to give everyone free money?

    • @ericPoints Mao, Mariam, Pol Pot , Stalin all wanted to give people free money too because it just that simple.

      Your missing my point. For example lots of tech company’s are worth billions but do not even make a single penny in profit…but are worth so much because they CONTROL their market.

      What would the value of money be if everyone gets free money? But this wouldn’t bother these tech billionaires because they control all the tech that will service us in the future so it doesn’t matter to them if money becomes worthless because they will be ones with all the control.

      If Mark zukerberg and others really wanted to help they would give away 99% of their wealth still leaving them with enough to never have to work again.

    • @troll I agree 100%! I am wary of tech, can see benefits but the control / know all element is becoming more Orwellian. Would never have that Alexa thing or any thing similar, but most of us have net access and wifi. Ultimately what’s in scifi will happen as most are walking towards tech with tunnel vision.