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    Maybe you’re part of the problem if you feel that Ellen MacArthur didn’t get due recognition in the UK?

    The media that thrives is the media that we choose to use and take notice of. Even though sailing is way outside my range of sporting interests I was somehow very aware of her exploits.

  • Yes, I agree, I think they should be legalised and then controlled and taxed. Though I do believe that there would be ‘illegal’ forms of drugs knocking around that hadn’t been approved, so I don’t think it would solve that issue necessarily. But I certainly think that the current system of criminalising drug takers helps nobody.

    The only sticking point for me would be driving…. Presumably the sensible thing would be zero tolerance, but that would be tricky for people who take them to work out, because you can test positive days or even weeks after taking them.

  • If it was in NI there would be no issue, cause the police would have been doing it with the bomb squad. But if bags are left or whatever in genuine circumstances, generally it would go to a safe place and a memo sent out to say it was found/left in such a place. I do believe in our policies however there is a thing to say that the management reserve to right to search any bags at any time if there is suspicion of illegal activities.

  • If there were more grammar schools then the effect on house prices for catchment areas would lessen?

    I’m going to throw this out there because I’m interested, what about if having more money thrown at them means that those kids are more likely to go onto be medics, or excellent disease researchers or come up with novel ideas to counter climate change etc? Does it matter what these kids are able to go on and do?

    I’m cautious that it may be taken that I’m then saying some professions are more worthy than others, I’m not, I’m just thinking that we do need to educate up some of the population to be able to do these things. hopefully that makes sense!