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  • Somebody took my wing mirror off my car today while it was parked on the road outside my parents house. I only got the car yesterday!! A person living in the street left a note on my windscreen and has since provided me with the registration number of the van. I’ve reported it to the police and also my insurance company, who have said they will get the underwriters to call me.

    I’ve since looked on eBay and a complete mirror in the same colour is £35. My OH can easily fit it, so no extra cost to me.

    My dad says claim, the man who hit me and drove off should have a consequence and not get away with it. My OH says get the second-hand mirror and be done with it as any claim is going to take a while and I’ll be stuck with the broken mirror for ages. I don’t have a courtesy car opti…[Read more]

  • evie replied to the topic I've given up diet drinks in the forum Health 6 months, 1 week ago

    I’d love to give up diet drinks, but I can’t seem to find an alternative that works.

    I try and go for the caffeine free varieties. I am over weight, so drinking calories is a huge no no, which excludes most things other that water. Of course water is an option, however every time I try to stick to it I end up with a splitting sore head from dehydration, I find I just don’t drink enough of it.

    I also don’t drink alcohol, don’t smoke, don’t do drugs, don’t drink tea or coffee etc, diet drinks are the lesser evil sometimes!

  • I have to wear a 10cm heel lift in only one shoe as that leg is 13cm shorter than the other leg.

    If I need more heel lifts or needs it replacing, then I go to the local shoesmith who can cut new ones from hard rubber and make exact copies of the original.

  • Thanks all. My ferritin currently is 28 (never had a good score for that as had trouble in perimenopause), worst I’ve ever been 6 years ago was 8. But folate, B12 and thyroid all came in as fine.

    Looking forward to the return of the sun!

  • Recently had a suite of blood tests due to feeling like I’m dragging myself through a bog most days. Results show low vitamin D, level of 30 and doctor has advised supplementation. I think she said the range is 30-50 something? And said just to hoick myself up further into the range through diet and over the counter vitamins. From what I can find online (have to say it seems to be one of the most debated vitamins!) it looks like it’s 10mcg a day to take? I’m just wondering how responsive levels of Vitamin D are once supplemented as I don’t like to overtake pills/vitamins if not needed and don’t want to head too far up the other way. I’m also not in the range of ferritin (which is usual for me) so that’s also going to be boosted.

  • @dizzy Why would you expect to be able to pick things up on the radio, imagine the signal strength that would reach earth from even the nearest star, then imagine the signal type and how different it would be from background noise, then imagine we’d be able to decode / recognise it as something special.

    I’m not in the least surprised, Voyager has 23 Watt transmitters, the amount of signal the reaches earth is now 10 exponent -16 watts (1 part in 10 quadrillion). Voyages 1 is 139 AU away from Earth, Proxima Centauri (the next nearest star to us) is 268774.6 AU from Earth. So the nearest star, and there’s plenty more further away , is 1,933 times further away than Voyager 1 is now!

    Admittedly 23 Watts isn’t a massive transmitter power, but you can see what happens to the signal…[Read more]

  • evie replied to the topic How to get rid of Norovirus in the forum Health 6 months, 3 weeks ago

    Oh dear, poor you. I genuinely live in fear of catching this virus! Thanks for painting the black cross as I now know where to avoid!! My mum swears by flat fat coke for any stomach upset. When I’ve had it previously I’ve kept bleach and dettol wipes next to the loo to wipe round after each use. It’s miserable isn’t it, but hopefully doesn’t last more than a few days!