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    ‘ But it has to be a blanket thing doesn’t it? Smaller burgers, less sugar, less fats, low alcohol, it’s not like we have the ability to exercise personal choice in our diet, exercise or drinking habits, Nanny State must choose for us.’

    @flyguy To think about this earlier post of your’s, except for the smaller burgers, there’s nothing to stop…[Read more]

  • @flyguy I see!

    You can only open a dispute if the item has not arrived in the time you have stated on your listing. They opened the ‘item not received’ dispute as at that time they had not received the item. You shouldn’t have posted it after the dispute was opened as you have just cost yourself the postage money. You should refund the buyer.

  • @flyguy Interesting. Numbers being bandied about on the news are 82,000 (without much context) – I see Wiki has it at around 144000 (active/trained) in the army

    It’s still shockingly low….. I mean it’s less than the US take to a tin pot warzone – even the French have 200,000+