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  • howard replied to the topic Changing broadband provider in the forum General Chat 6 months ago

    Just shifted from BT to vodafone for exactly that reason.

    My bill has over halved. The landline is there but I don’t pay any line rental if I don’t use it.

    It was very easy, still have fibre optic. They sent me a router and on the set day I plugged it in into the wall. That’s it.

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    @cam Thats the rather simple and childish view I had when I was 16 – Do you really believe that society should value a slum landlord in the same way it values a heart surgeon?

  • It’s worth trying an osteo too! Mine is a goddess – I go in severely leaning to one side and in terrible pain, and come out much straighter and minimal pain. The most important part is improving your core strength and being careful how you bend/lift. It will be slow as my osteo did say that ligaments take a very long time to heal due to the lack of blood circulation in the back (I think).

    One other thing is don’t neglect the rest of your back – I often get deferred pain in my upper back or neck after a flare up. My osteo works on all my back after a flare up and I cannot tell you how tight and painful my other back muscles are when they try to overcompensate for the damaged ligament.

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    If buying new… work out exactly which model you want. Go in to dealer morning of the last Saturday of the quarter ask for the best price for model X. Depending on the value, popularity (inc. options you want), if you are after an ex-demo, point in life cycle of the vehicle make an offer lower than their best price, you will be rebuffed, give them your mobile number.

    Wait for a call that afternoon once quarterly sales numbers are close to finalisation, there will be a discussion on the additional discount vs the personal bonus of the sales employee, floor manager and regional sales bod. Once weighed up – if you are easy to get over the line (e.g. no complicated finance/trade in) and are helping them clear aged stock you may get your deal.


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    @niles I’m sorry about your dad and can see why a story like this would give you concern. After all, it is a risk that you need to judge for yourself, so if you decide this is enough to stop you drinking diet drinks, then fair enough.

    The point I was (rather clumsily) trying to make, is that there are many things that can appear to correlate with a condition, but are not necessarily a factor which can cause the condition. It’s something that doesn’t get a lot of attention, and that’s something I think is quite alarming.

    For example, there is a brilliant (and very light-hearted) website which shows many spurious correlations – for example, cheese consumption vs people who die tangled in bedsheets. The correlation looks fab and the graph is great, but we all know that the more…[Read more]

  • howard replied to the topic I've given up diet drinks in the forum Health 7 months, 1 week ago

    Link to the article if anyone is interested:

    It’s not brilliant study – from a quick skim, the results are only significant in one of the models. When more variables are accounted for, the p-values are no longer significant, which raises alarm bells for me.

    ( Model 2 adjusts for age, sex, total caloric intake, education, the dietary guidelines adherence index, self reported physical activity, and smoking status. = significant p-values)

    Model 3 adjusts for age, sex, education, total caloric intake, systolic blood pressure, treatment of hypertension, prevalent cardiovascular disease, atrial fibrillation, left ventricular hypertrophy, total cholesterol, high-density lipoprotein cholesterol, prevalent…[Read more]

  • I have had four private ones, all around £10 an hour, all absolutely wonderful. I prefer this to an agency as I trust my own judgement rather than the agency recruitment.

    The ones I have had have also been great at letting the dogs out and putting them away. Some have been more thorough than others, but all have been trustworthy.

  • @jack And who is to say that life needs the same conditions as we have.
    Who knows what kind of life could be out there.

  • howard replied to the topic How to grow taller? in the forum Health 7 months, 2 weeks ago

    The only sure way is to choose taller parents and make sure you have good diet as a child. In your 20s – sorry, you can’t. You could cheat and wear platform shoes…but the only things worse than a man with platform shoes is a Trump-style orange comb-over.

    On the limited off-chance that this is a serious question, the good news is that it doesn’t matter. Don’t obsess about a superficial thing that you can’t change. Just concentrate on making the most of your talents, do (or find) the things you love doing and spend your time with people that matter to you.

  • One possibility is a real ugly wart from Apple…

    If the number now associated with an android phone used to be associated with an iPhone, the number will be registered for iMessage with Apple’s servers, and all iPhones will by default send an iMessage not an SMS to that number, which will stall with Apple.

    See here for how to fix this –

  • I had this about 10 years ago – worst week of my life! I’ve had stomach bugs and food poisoning since, but nothing comes close (thankfully)

    The best advice I got was DONT EAT. Your body can’t cope and unless you’ve got any underlying medical issues you should be healthy enough to do without food for 24 hours. Sip liquids – flat lemonade is good – to stay hydrated. It usually takes 3-4 days for the sickness side to reduce and then you spend another 3-4 days feeling horrendous. People often go back to work as soon as the sickness dies down and end up spreading it. My old job had a rule that no one was to return to their desk until 7 days after they’d last been sick.

    White rice was also recommended for when I was hungry again. Apparently it’s gentle on the tummy. I was craving salt…[Read more]

  • howard replied to the topic Wisdom Teeth Removal in the forum Health 7 months, 4 weeks ago

    I had my last one out in October. I had a local but some valium as well, so I was happy while they did it, apart from the part where it broke up with the roots still in, but the dentist seemed happy enough, and I was rather relaxed I was relaxed enough that I actually asked the rather youthful looking dentist if he had ever done one before.

    I was soooo careful afterwards – success seems to revolve around not getting infected whilst also not disturbing the clot for fear of dry socket I did not eat at all that evening (to be fair was sleeping off large dose of valium – which is not something I am familiar with), just had sips of water.

    For 72 hours I had only tepid liquid food (soup and ready-brek), and swilled gently with salt water to clean.

    After that, until 7 days after…[Read more]

  • A ready-mix concrete supplier in Hastings: William The Concreter

  • @jimjam Your hypothetical, multinational company used the infrastructure of country A, relied on training of their staff in the schools of country A, and even if not relied on the entire society of country A generating sufficient wealth for them to sell enough of their products or services to make a local profit (at least when using fair accounting practises).

    Paying taxes in country A is therefore the least they can do, and considering that unfair seems almost perverse.

    The loss in country B should be treated entirely independently. If the losses are real, they should of course be able to offset them against the local rate.

    edit: I believe that you are right about most medium sized companies operating across several countries, but IKEA, Apple, Google, Amazon, and their ilk…[Read more]

  • As long discussed in the EU, the obvious solution would be to tax multinationals a fraction of their turnover in each country, based on an estimate of the profit eventually made from that turnover, regardless of the time and location of where that profit is eventually realised (that could remain at the convenience of the company).

    The onus would then be on the company to prove that they incurred actual costs above the estimate and in the country in question that should then obviously and fairly deducted from the taxable amount.

    The obvious advantage of such a setup isthat the tax authority (and courts) would decide which costs are admissible, and which are purely frivolous tools for tax avoidance (patent boxes, royalty fees, etc..).

    Of course the lobbyists and tax havens are…[Read more]

  • Yes it is really sad.
    I didn’t vote for or against BREXIT but I also get sad when it seems that many people would rather see the UK fail instead of supporting the government in making it a success.

    And for those who seem to think that another referendum should be made because both side made some exaggerated claims, be aware that on this basis every UK general election would have to be regarded as null and void !!