• jack posted an update 4 months, 4 weeks ago

    4DX at Cineworld – am I missing something? So, went to see Black Panther, the new Marvel film yesterday, and since we have unlimited tickets, we thought it would be fun to try 4DX for another fiver each.

    The seat shook, but not so you needed a seatbelt, they poked you in the back like a child behind you kicking your seat, there was only one smell (and I get that every time I use the screen wash in the car!), bullets and swords whistled past your ears (identical) , there was a tiny bit of water spray ( you can turn it off), some flashing lights during gunfights, and some wind effects.

    It was a fun gimmick, for ten minutes, and I wouldn’t pay to do it again.

    Am I missing something? A bottle of wine first, maybe?

    PS film is OK. Big political message, lots of fighting.

    • Yep. I’ve been in a 4DX in the states. It’s novelty for 20 mins and then gets tedious

      Although I did almost kak myself when the big dinosaur suddenly turned and roared in my face complete with seat tilt back and water spray.

    • Sounds like an ordeal to me but I hate going to the cinema anyway

    • Nope, not my thing.

      I did just discover a local cinema that lets you sit in sofas and you can order food and drink to your sofa! bliss.