• jam posted an update 4 months, 1 week ago

    Google Gaming Search Results To Target Conservatives

    Evidence suggests that Google has been censoring conservative views on its search results. But Google censorship doesn’t just stop at just views that it doesn’t like… for years Google has been killing off small businesses forcing them (extortion) to pay for expensive adwords just to be seen on the search engine.. This is a major issue when in parts of the world google accounts for 90% of the search engine market share and are practically the gatekeepers of the internet.
    Ps, If you are an elitist “Googler” reading this then I hope you rot in hell you pig!

    • I agree it is time that Google was broken up as what google is doing to freedom of speech and small businesses terrible. What angers me how the “Googlers” pretend to be really liberal and right on but when it comes down to it they are just a bunch of pathetic people who are part of the google cult that think they are better than everyone else and hide out in their multi billion dollar hq’s censoring the internet and stepping on the small folk.

    • Google search results are useless..most of the time you can guess what they are going to be… I use bing.com it is so much better as it gives you a wider choice of sites and just has better results….plus if you have a Microsoft account you can earn reward points every time you search that soon add up and can be redeemed for vouchers including House of Fraser and mark and Spencers etc which is very cool!

    • “Googlers” as they like to be called are sadistic disgusting people. #evil