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  • You will still need to declare at renewal that you had an “accident” and made a claim. You’d still have your ncb and it was “non fault” but still on record. Can increase your premiums.*

    I’d get it replaced myself, but don’t know if it’s too late now that you have already involved insurance?

    *”Non-fault claims can mean that your car insurance premiums increase – but it shouldn’t go up by as much as if you had a fault claim. This is because some insurers will consider you more likely to have another accident if you’ve already been in one crash, meaning they view you as more of a risk.”

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    Your adviser should be telling you all this. if they are not then they are not good enough.. hint get a decent adviser.

  • Hmm.. it is quite serious what Google is doing. They are destroying peoples livelihoods, which can have a devastating effect on peoples mental health and wellbeing. BUT the people who work for Google… Googlers as they to be called like don’t care AT ALL!!!
    There is a good reason why Google have multi-billion dollar campuses with everything their employees ever need in them so they don’t have to leave… it is because they are sociopaths and seem themselves as above everyone else and don’t want to mix with “non-Googlers” who are not part of the cult. They are evil, greedy, self-righteous and abhorrent people.

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    I get this when I am stressed/over tired/in a new place etc. It’s hideous and doesn’t matter how much you try to rationalise it. I had a particularly bad week of it and was exhausted, went to the docs and got a short (3 day) course of sleeping pills to ‘re-set’ my sleep which really helps, that particular doctor had never heard of it and looked at me like I was a bit nuts but new doctor knows what it is and if I have a bad bout of them, she prescribes me a couple days of sleeping pills to get me back on track. I know loads of people don’t like to take pills, but for me it really helps.
    I also try when I am stressed to not nap in the day and keep up a good sleep pattern, which is really helpful x

  • If drugs are illegal should we make alcohol illegal aswell?

    I know many people whose lives have been ruined, or at least affected negatively, by alcohol – some of them even in my family.
    In fact, in years gone by, I know I definitely had issues with alcohol. I wasn’t dependent on it, but I was regularly drinking far too much (not just at the weekend – think 2 bottles of wine to myself of an evening) to the detriment of relationships, jobs etc. Thankfully I came out of the other side of it relatively unscathed but others are not so lucky. I know of a mother who had her son taken from her due to alcohol addiction.

    I just do not understand these double standards – alcohol is fine legal, but other drugs are not; why is that?

    Ecstasy is one of the safer drugs – the real killers are…[Read more]

  • Never touched leisure drugs in my life, never intend to, don’t even know what cannabis smells like and have no desire to do so, never even smoked a spliff. I was asking a simple question which most people do on this forum when its work related. In fact there have been an awful lot of posts in The Club house in a typical WWYD type of question which are work related.

    If people are vindictive enough to want to ‘trace me’ or other people on this forum that is there prerogative, and says a lot about them and the type of person they are. I was just doing my job and have been praised this morning by management and the boss of the person concerned for doing so. Safety on site is everyone’s concern and in my particular role this is especially true of me.

    Thanks for the advice folks…that’s all.

  • That’s fine. We have a company who is subcontracted to us who comes out and does random tests. They are meant to come on a regular basis and are due another visit. They on occassion find people throughout our organization who are subcontracted to us that show positive for a drug test and they are asked to leave immediately and are not allowed to work through our company again. Its simple. The rules are there and the companies subcontracted to us know this and are happy to supply people to us under this ruling and back us if we find their operatives with no prescriptive drugs or alcohol in their system. If people chose to break them then they will lose their jobs. We can’t have people carrying out the type of work they do on site that are impaired by drugs or alcohol that are in…[Read more]

  • They are subcontracted to us, work on our premises and do work which is of a very dangerous nature if they are impaired. We have every right to tell their bosses. Recreational coke is fine as long as they are not impaired doing their job, and having a drug test would tell us that. We are within our right to escort them off the premises if the test showed it in their system in enough quantity, such is the nature of the job they do.

  • The drug and alcohol policy is communicated to them. This is also communicated to them prior to their visit and gone over with their employer also. We have over 1800 people on site so I couldn’t send out text messages. The small vial inside the key fob is actually about 4mm in diameter so no prescription tablets would fit in there. thanks

  • We are not the kind of organisation that has a link to a company lawyer. It would be a decision at site level anyway.

    How on earth could what I disclosed on this forum be linked to the company/organization I work for/the type of work carried out/the location of the workplace/the employer/employee/my name. You could say that about almost any of the work related posts that are on this forum, of which there are probably hundreds? People are always posting on here about work issues! You have probably done so before now.

    Ok so perhaps I should have just put ‘what are the legal ramifications of searching through an abandoned bag at work’ and left it at that but I know that had I not gone into the detail that I did I would have got about ten questions asking me for more info and…[Read more]

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  • A bag has been left at work unattended for four days in a room which we use for training/teaching/inductions. Its owner had not collected it after a training session and it had just been abandoned. I was alerted to it by the cleaner and took it into a room where two of my colleagues sat and asked them to witness me looking through the bag to identify the owner.

    There were various items in the bag like trainers, glasses and food and a bunch of house keys. On the key ring was a ID type of fob (cylinder shaped metal width of a bic pen) with a screw top. We assumed that it was like a dog tag type thing where you unscrew the top and find a piece of paper with the persons name and phone number on as we were going to ring them to collect the bag. I have one of these which I keep a spare…[Read more]