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  • Similar to that… I have a vertical mouse, other people hate using it ergo people avoid my desk

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    1+ mines a Nextbase 101. Very easy to use.

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    Go to Halfords. They have a good selection and can also wire them in properly so no trailing wires.
    I was given one for Christmas which came from Halfords and got my garage to wire it in which cost £30, I think the dash cam was about £60.

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    Have you ever read the labels on some drugs? Do not drink alcohol, do not etc., etc.? It’s there for a reason! I was attending a business exhibition – loads of standing about and my arthritis was beginning to assert itself – the pain in my lower back was excruciating so I took some pills and then some more. Every evening I had to entertain and inevitably enjoyed a few drinks on the firm. Toddled off to my hotel room and spent the night fighting off the entire North Vietnamese Army while being comatose face down with arms and legs completely numb. Quite a shock to suddenly awake in this condition even for me.

    Much later on, I think the medics were using me ( and others attending the same clinic) as a guinea pig – trying our different mixtures of drugs – I took part in one trial…[Read more]

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    I think kids in the uk are often discouraged from thinking oxbridge and similar elite establishments are for them by the very people who should encourage them most, whether parents, friends or schools.

    • With 6 UCAS choices I really don’t understand why schools are so discouraging – and I really do think they are. Especially as Oxbridge drop people out of the process earlier on meaning they still get to make 1st and 2nd choices elsewhere.

      You’ve got to be in it to win it.

      The only reasons I see to discourage are (1) to protect fragile egos – far better to try and fail I think but on a climbing forum I’m preaching to the converted and (2) to allow the school to conserve effort intensively coaching applications (and exam results???) on fewer students to give them more chance of a bragabble result on limited resources.

  • I think it’s completely reasonable to look through an abandoned bag for reasons of security and to try and identify the owner. However it seems a bit OTT to report someone for possible drugs when you’re not sure they were drugs and haven’t any proof. What exactly would you expect the person’s boss to do with the information? You could be making yourselves look like total fools reporting this.

  • Thank you cam that is very much appreciated I have got some sterile dressings today so hopefully they will be OK – when I went to A&E they gave me massive dressings that looked like cling film! – but I will confess I have been changing the dressing daily (against the advice of the A&E consultant who saw me) as I find it so horrible to look at the bubble of blood always!

    I will behave myself, keep it covered, and avert my eyes if the dressing fills up again.

  • Hmmmm, I do hear what you are saying, but I have left it uncovered since 3pm and it has dried out nicely, it is so much easier like that The arm is a revolting grey colour all around, yuck!!!

    I actually don’t care if it does scar, I have plenty already and I am too old to be bothered…..oh dear, what a dilemma now :/

  • Any nurses out there please? Warning, yucky descriptions…..

    Because yes I have tried to make an appointment to see one at my local surgery, but they can only offer me lunchtime tomorrow which is totally impractical! Otherwise no other appointments free all week….

    So, the bruising on my arm also has a deeply grazed bit in the middle – originally it looked like quite a hole, which I thought might need a stitch or some steri strips, but because of the way my arm has swelled it looks like a flat wound now. All good with that, but it is constantly oozing with clear fluid which is a real pain – I have to change the dressing a couple of times a day because a bubble of fluid forms under the dressing and begins to leak.

    So my question really is, should I be covering that area OR…[Read more]

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    “It took some time for their sleep to regulate but by the fourth week the subjects had settled into a very distinct sleeping pattern. They slept first for four hours, then woke for one or two hours before falling into a second four-hour sleep.”

    This is me, exactly! Sadly, when I fall asleep after my one or two hour waking period, I then have an hour or so before having to go to this blasted thing called work. Currently, it being the holiday, I’m following the pattern described in the link.

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    I’m having serious issues staying asleep, going to sleep is no problem, bed by 11.30. Inevitably, I need the bathroom at 3 ish even if I haven’t drunk anything, after which I have issues going back to sleep. I’m now in the habit of de-camping to the spare room so as not to disturb the OH. I’d rather not go down the route of separate rooms! I’m not feeling stressed or mind racing, just can’t get back to sleep.

    I have some pills which helped (Sleep Aid) but I hear melatonin might be better or work well in tandem with SA. Does anyone have experience/success stories/supplier recommendations? Or would Nytol or something work to keep me asleep?

  • Yes I get it when my lower back has got too compressed. I will get back ache when trying to lie on my back and when I get up from my bed or from sitting at my desk will be in a lot of pain and either have to stand there and stretch upwards until it wears off or limp really badly for a few steps. Laying in the recovery position helps as does regular chiro. I often find it is caused by tension and stress along with not enough exercise due to long hours at work.