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    Regarding the police cuts contributing to a rise in crime. The Chief Constable of the Met said police numbers were not to blame for the increase in violent crime. Presumably she is going on the CC’s advice. Especially as she said she hadn’t read her own department’s report. She doesn’t have to accept anything her department tells her as gospel anyway, does she.

    Regarding lying in general. Most of the time they don’t lie, you just need to understand that their pronouncements are often very carefully crafted and need to be thought about carefully.

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    Air intake hose splits or Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor faulty?

    • That was a quick reply. Never thought about the MAF, thought that might generate an engine warning light if it was faulty, cheers for that.

      A bit of hose prodding and blowing might be in order…

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    Will the sugar tax also help against tooth decay?

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    Doesn’t quoting a median, rather than mean, largely eliminate this effect?

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    I believe the protesters were calling the Labour party supporters anti-Semitic. One of the protesters was Ian Paisley, though I do believe there were other non-Jewish (I don’t tink Paisley is a Jew – I had to leave the spelling mistake in as it made me laugh – though probably stereotyping again!).

    Since some Labour party supporters are Jewish, we seem to have Jewish people being called anti-Semites, by people who aren’t themselves Jewish, but never the less being supported by other people who are Jewish!!

    Is it any wonder people get confused?

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    I just watched his video on YouTube and he does introduce it by saying that by training his girlfriends dog up like a Nazi it’ll piss her off. I think it’s very hard to see that in any other way than as a deliberate joke. Whether it’s funny or not is another thing, but it is clearly introduced as something to wind up his girlfriend.

    I like freedom of speech, I dislike the idea of restrictions on that due to hate speech, as there is no clear definition on what it is. It depends on people’s willingness to be offended. Do I agree with a group of white supremacists chanting at young children from a minority and claiming freedom of speech? No, so I wonder what the middle ground is.

    There is a current trend of reporting out of context, Pie identifies this and it seems the judge did…[Read more]

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    You are not to blame.

    You did not kill the dog. The horrible accident killed the dog. You did everything you were capable of at the time and a damn site more than most. You are clearly a great friend.

    Pop round and see them. Take a card and some flowers.

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    ‘ But it has to be a blanket thing doesn’t it? Smaller burgers, less sugar, less fats, low alcohol, it’s not like we have the ability to exercise personal choice in our diet, exercise or drinking habits, Nanny State must choose for us.’

    @flyguy To think about this earlier post of your’s, except for the smaller burgers, there’s nothing to stop anybody ‘adding’ sugar or salt to their food, or choosing something with more alcohol in, so it’s not as if it’s taking away any choice in what people put into their bodies at all, not in the bigger picture.

    Which makes me ask so what if sugar and salt are reduced in commonly consumed foods, why should a certain amount of sugar or salt by the ‘right’ amount – that is – why does it matter if levels are reduced with health reasons in mind if…[Read more]

  • A friend of mine was pulled over by the police last night in a random spot check and was told he had not posessed a valid driving license for four years. The license was revoked because he didn’t pay a speeding fine. The trouble is that when the alleged speeding fine occurred, my friend was living in France, not the UK, and he never recieved any notification of a speeding ticket issued to the driver of a car he used to have some association with (presumably). If there was paperwork, it never made it to Paris. Apparently a court case was held in absentia in 2014 and my friend was convicted of a speeding offense he knew nothing about.

    He tells me the DVLA and courts won’t even tell him what vehicle was involved, so he has no idea if it was someone who duplicated plates, forged a…[Read more]

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    Nothing wrong with using your hands as a tool for your job.

    @dizzy Very true, but the whole education system is against this, or was. It’s improving. But there is a basic level of education needed to get by in life – maths/economics skills to handle your finances, or even running your own business. English language, and even foreign language. An understanding of culture and history.

    The issue is who makes the decision at say 14/16/18 to move onto a practical course rather than academic. Too young and you could be accused of stereotyping on social background, let the child decide and you have to be sure they are making the right life choice so young. Which ends up circling round to the failing students moved towards it.

    It’s an historical mess from the push to maximum university…[Read more]

  • I’m slightly confused as to to why you posted after seeing they’d filed a claim. If the item has come back to you I think you’ll just need to refund the money. Ebay certainly do like buyers. I’ll never use it again after my last experience selling a saddle. There are some really unhinged buyers out there and the system always seems to go in their favour.
    You could always relist or try Preloved or a FB site.

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    I did mine very badly, and it took about two years total. I’d say it’s still not quite back to what it was, even a bit later still.

    Assuming you don’t need surgery on yours, if you’ve not already been referred to a physio, definitely ask to be. Of all the things I did for my shoulder, the physio was the lifesaver for me, and really did get it healing.

  • @mohammad Then why shoot me down? Don’t you think the current government (Ian Duncan Smith and that lot) have behaved shamefully in regards to some people dependent on benefits? Flawed PIP assessments and the like?

    I hope you have a bloody good holiday – it sounds like you deserve a really good break!

  • @mohammad thanks so you see someone at a low point and you try to drag them down! TROLL!

  • @adam When written in a reasonable way (like you just have) yes it’s a sound idea to promote inclusivity. I just found the poster (and where it was situated) to be crass. It came across as callous and smacked of double speak.

  • Does a wheel chair prevent someone from working?

    @torieboy That would depend on the job… Should the disabled be forced to work?

  • Down at dole hole here, the first thing that you see when you walk in is a 6ft banner embellished with the words “Yes, you can work” (I always hear the words as if spoken by Theresa May, directed at some chap in a wheelchair)

    It’s an improvement on “Arbiet macht frei” I suppose. Who gets paid to come up with this bullsh*t?

  • Hopefully this issue will be for a small group of people and Google will resolve it some time soon.

    @jay If you want Google to fix something you best hope it effects loads of people! I had a problem with my chromebook where it was randomly disconnecting from wireless networks and wouldn’t reconnect. As it only effected about 10% of that model after a software update they didn’t any anything about it. As far as I know it never did get fixed.