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  • jumpingjack replied to the topic BT Broadband Scam? in the forum General Chat 1 month ago

    I had the opposite service with BT. When out village went live with FTTC they offered 36 or 72mb. BT said i was unlikely to get better than 36 and put me on that (£5) cheaper. Year later they wrote and said i was going to 50-something mb no extra charge.

    Switched to talk talk anyway and same wires only get 24 mb. Still enough for me, and cheaper…[Read more]

  • jumpingjack replied to the topic What are schools for? in the forum General Chat 1 month ago

    I think the most important things for children to learn, is how to learn. How to find information, follow instructions, try things out, persist, be creative, try different approaches. How to weigh up the evidence and use it to inform your knowledge, how to assess if a source is reliable. The actual subjects, IMO, are not that important. If you…[Read more]

  • Surely with bras for example, those designed for small cup sizes are really a different product from those designed for large cup sizes, as you suggest one can be quite a simple product and the other far more complex, designed to offer a much higher level of support. These are generally sold at different price points.

    As others have pointed out,…[Read more]

  • It really all depends on just how much fuel you use and how inefficient your current boiler is. There’s a table here that gives an idea of what you might save:


    Remember though that these figures will be based on *average* use etc. They are also assuming that you don’t…[Read more]

  • jumpingjack replied to the topic Ethical banking in the forum General Chat 1 month, 3 weeks ago

    We have funds in swedbanks ethical funds, you’d think being Swedish and all that it would be pretty good on ethics, but then when you look deeper they have money in Apple and MasterCard, plus others which you wouldn’t really think matched a truly ethical criteria.

  • Hi.

    Any advice welcome please. Car left across road from our house 2 weeks ago – road was running with rainwater & snow melt at the time & we suspect that driver has driven down road at speed & flooded engine – it’s a diesel which I understand might mean it needs a new engine – it’s a 60 plate BMW. It’s in a rural conservation area & parked…[Read more]

  • I work in the digital marketing arm of a global consumer brand and we’re busy preparing for the implementation of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) in May. All companies that hold data on EU citizens will be bound by the rules and trust me, we’re taking it really seriously.

    The fact that companies can be fined 20m€ or 4% of global t…[Read more]

  • jumpingjack posted a new activity comment 2 months, 3 weeks ago

    I thought the interview was astonishing – how can they sit there, admit cheating and expect everyone to shrug and let them get on with it. Sadly I’d say all involved to any significant degree need to be sent home, even if this match does collapse. Certainly Smith and Bancroft. Being removed as captain but allowed to play on is a joke.

  • jumpingjack posted a new activity comment 4 months ago

    How would you do this without damaging the clutch if in gear or the handbrake if you pushed the vehicle?

    • ou won’t damage a clutch, or handbrake by physically dragging a parked car though I wouldn’t be so sure an auto-box in park would stand for much abuse. Biggest problem is finding anywhere you can pull or push hard enough without causing damage. Tyres will suffer first if you do get it moving.

      The cleanest solution for moving immobile cars without…[Read more]

  • jumpingjack posted a new activity comment 4 months ago

    Depends on the plod. Its a civil matter and you could be at risk of being accused of theft by stopping the person retrieving their property.

    You really have few rights.

  • jumpingjack replied to the topic Does acupuncture work? in the forum Health 4 months ago

    Yes, it helped me recover from a slipped disc/ sciatica. Applied by sports physios. Would definitely try again if needed.

  • jumpingjack replied to the topic Non jobs in the forum General Chat 4 months, 1 week ago

    One of my friends, 40years a plumber, had a run in with a customer who turned out to be a lecturer in medieval history. The guy said to him that all people who worked with their hands should only get the minimum wage as they were all basically labourers.

    I said to my friend that I hope you told him that if all the medieval historians disappeared…[Read more]

  • he way I see it is life has ‘happened’ at least once and we know of no logical reason why it can have only happened once therefore it probably could have happened again (perhaps even here on earth) and again and again. Given the apparently very large number of opportunities for life chemically similar to ours to arise and evolve it seems unlikely…[Read more]