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  • ^ what they said…
    It takes a certain mindset, character, trust etc on both sides for it to work, but it can be done. Communication is important, but so is not reading too much into things. Messages can be misinterpreted, calls missed, and people with drama llama tendencies can find this difficult.

  • Thanks for the heads up and well done for your tenacity.

  • Buy an anti-glare screen filter or close the window blind?

  • Thanks everyone for your replies, of varying usefulness! Yes it would be great to avoid a fire in the first place, that’s obvious…

    @doormat, you’re lucky being only a couple of minutes from the fire station! I don’t even know where my closest one is. At least 10 minutes away. The wet tea towel has been the only option so far, but I’ve replaced that with a fire blanket and feel better for it.

    I don’t use a deep fat fryer (not sure where that idea came from earlier?) or toaster, so safe in that respect. Still, it’s something I want on hand just in case, for the wood burner as well. As two people have shown above it can be worth having – that’s enough reason for me. It would have been a simple choice for powder/foam, but the DI water mist is a new one to me. I can understand it…[Read more]

  • Which type of fire extinguisher would be recommended for a domestic kitchen? Main risks are frying pans flaring up, and the cooker isn’t close enough to the back door to take the pan outside. Would like it to deal with burning fat, electrical stuff and the wood burner (solids fuels). Powder or water mist? Have a fire blanket already. Thanks.

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    @saffy I thought that too.

    On paper it looked fantastic so I bought one, but although the hardware was great, the front end was unbelievably bad, and VERY locked-down. They’d basically taken the already awful leanback launcher, made it worse, then made it impossible to change other than in very minor ways.

    You’d think you could just change the launcher, but no – that’s disabled, even via ADB.

    I ended up returning it in the end. Shame as it could’ve been absolutely perfect.

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    @ericpoints Good call – Unfortunately AFAIK the Chromecast doesn’t have an ethernet port, and Wifi in my front room tends to be a bit patchy.

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    Does anyone have an Android TV box that they’d recommend? Must have the following features…

    Able to change the launcher from the abysmal standard Android TV one (leanback I think it’s called). Would preferably just like a standard Android phone type launcher.
    Runs iPlayer, All4, Netflix etc smoothly and without lag (given a good , fast network connection of course).
    My telly is 1080p so 4K not a requirement (but also not a problem)
    Has (or supports) an air mouse remote
    Has an ethernet port

    It’s an absolute minefield out there – so many boxes and they all seem to have different issues with them. Any advice hugely appreciated.

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    Would agree with Ali that WordPress Hosting is far to expensive, although I can’t comment on how restrictive it is as I have never used it. Also agree that 1and1 is also a good value service.

    OP I have done a number of client builds and used various hosting platforms that clients use in the process, whilst I personally used fasthost’s for years with no issue, when I started a build for a company in Dubai, I hit speed loading issues that they could not resolve to my satisfaction, hence the switch to WPX, whilst probably more than you wish to spend, their service is excellent and they save me time by migrating client sites for me.

    Building and hosting your own site can seem quite daunting to start with, but it is relatively straight forward, I would be happy to be a sounding board…[Read more]

  • katy posted an update 4 months ago

    Just wanted to make others aware of this scam as I didn’t know about it until now.

    One of our cars was involved in an accident (another car drove into it whilst our car was parked and unattended). The assessor concluded that the damage was too expensive to repair for what the car was worth, so we’ll be getting a pay-out towards it from the insurance company and they’ll be taking the car away.

    Today I got a text message – allegedly from the DVLA – stating that we’re entitled to a tax refund and they supplied an internet link to use to arrange for the refund to be processed. (I’ve had a quick look and the website looks extremely authentic, with all sorts of DVLA logos etc, and they ask for all personal contact details, a bank card details incl security code, and also our bank…[Read more]

    • I received two texts purportedly from the DVLA telling me I had a vehicle tax refund due, this morning. I deleted them along with the one supposedly from Apple telling me my ID had been locked

    • matt replied 4 months ago

      I received an email from Ebay telling me that my account had been locked, follow the link. Nothing strange about that until I later went onto Ebay and almost fell off the sofa with surprise when I found that it was real, my account WAS locked!!!

      That has never happened before!

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    If you are going with a wordpress build then I recommend bluehost – good quality hosting, speed and support. I personally use WPX but then I need space for client sites that I host – its more suited to business hosting with their smallest package supporting up to 5 websites and costing $24.99 pcm, bluehost is probably more suitable for your purpose and reasonably priced too although I am not sure if they carry out migration for you.

  • Word of mouth is the best way but it’s a question of luck finding a good person
    I had cleaners for years two days a week .
    When the last one retired I got in a well known franchise they were good at first but I had issues with them leaving the house unlocked ( because they forgot the key ) and leaving early ( my groom snitched on them and confirmed what I thought ) I then had to threaten them with legal action to recover the cost of changing locks to get my key back . So I won’t do that again .
    I do it myself now and have more hours help on the yard .
    However I would use a franchise for a one off deep clean.

  • I would just advertise on your local shops post board, and if anyone calls ask what they charge? I pay £20 a week to mine, for one days work. She basically flushes three toilets and hoovers the house lol

  • bacteria remain in their sort of suspended animation because they don’t have a chance to get going again before you cook them. But realistically some of us would be really stuck if they were dead

    . Fwiw campy is one of those that is a bit tricky to keep viable frozen and there is plenty out there about freezing poultry as a means of control, but not everything else. Though realistically with poultry campy is the main issue for consumers when they fling the uncooked chook round the kitchen

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    I think the take away coffee cups that are paper covered in a film of plastic are dreadful, they are almost impossible to recycle. Plus those coffee machine pods .
    I think the waste that ends up in landfills / the sea would be better being incinerated and used to produce power (though better not producing waste in the first place).
    I gather that washing clothes made from synthetic materials like fleece also produces more tiny fibres that end up in the sea.

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    I chose a company other than the Impact School of Motoring for my driving lessons.

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    @sammy A big part of government not being able to afford investment was the bloated nature of public services.
    I do a lot in the water industry and sites that had 40 or so people working on them have been cut back to 4 people and are still working.
    If a private business can provide a service and make a profit there is no reason government shouldn’t be able to do the same thing if it was managed correctly.

  • @howard I’m not sure what I can do to make it a success. No-one has said what that successful outcome is at a level I could actually plan for. Especially now any definition of success seems to be “shittier than it was before but nowhere near as bad as it might have been”.