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  • If you have random drugs testing as part of the conditions of service then the answer is simple, do a ‘random’ drugs test. What I would not do is tell anyone, apart from your own supervisor (so the test can be organised). I especially would not tell an internet forum, I do believe if someone wanted to, that you could be identified. From you the…[Read more]

  • Learn the art if letter writing. When in the early days of our relationship hubby and I were apart we found nice cards and wrote to each other 2 or 3 times I week (27 years later I still have those letters!) there is something very personal about a handwritten letter. Much more so than an email x

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    Rather than taxing them I would ban them outright. I don’t know about the rest of the country but round here shops are filled with school kids every morning buying energy drinks.

    • Practically how would such a ban work? It couldn’t be on caffeine because of coffee and tea. It couldn’t be on sugar, because of Coke etc (even if taxed). Ban guarana or something?

    • Ban them on what grounds? Caffeine is legal, sugary crap is legal and drinks in cans are legal. I understand the sentiment but I’m not sure how you’d define them in law, and as someone against the criminalisation of most drugs I’m not sure how you could justify banning something that contains entirely legal substances when the likes of alcohol and…[Read more]

    • There is a voluntary age restriction that some retailers are signed up to but it’s not actually illegal to sell this sh*t to under 16’s. I agree that it should be banned outright, you might get away with drinking it every now and again and as an adult it’s your choice but I bet long term consumption causes all…[Read more]

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    I teach on a bioinformatics MSc course – essentially computational biology. I always find looking at the demographics of the cohort and their career choices interesting. In most years, the course is split roughly 50:50 male:female, but the majority of the females will be new graduates from the Indian subcontinent or SE Asia whereas the males…[Read more]

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    There was a sachet of low sugar sweetener in the bowl of sugar at the table in a cafe I visited recently. According to the ingredients it was 99% Maltodextrin ( a carbohydrate with the same calorific value as sucrose) 1% sucralose. I wondered what the point of it was when it contains just as many calories as a sachet of sugar?

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    In general I would like to see restaurants catering for children’s needs better. The children’s menu in most UK restaurants usually consists of burgers, chicken nuggets, pizza or fish fingers, all of which are usually served with chips. Why is it considered acceptable to offer healthy menu choices for adults and only the above offerings for…[Read more]

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    I have variofocal lenses that I use from time to time – I was warned that it would take a while to get 100% used too them, I also took time to get used to variofocal glasses. Now I go between the two – lenses for a night out when I don’t want to take glasses with me and I usually wear my glasses for work. I hope your optician told you that it…[Read more]

    • el replied 4 months ago

      Thanks @kelly I wore contacts for years and years until my eyeballs apparently changed shape and I gained the perfect vision I’d lacked since childhood! Now old age has kicked in and I fancied ditching the reading glasses that make me feel so old I have a follow up appointment in two weeks and I might try the single vision lens next time to see…[Read more]