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  • Building a PC is fun, but the fun wears off if you don’t have the patience to trouble shoot.

    For an easy life get a computer off the shelf. You’ll get a Windows licence and an operating system full of bloatware, but you’ll have a licence.

    You can then go to the Microsoft website to download a clean version of Windows 10. If you choose then you can wipe the computer clean of all bloatware and install a clean operating system.

  • I got fake traffic too! after a bit of research online found out on various marketing forums that Google sends lots of people “zombie” fake traffic from bots and has been doing so for years.

    Nobody has any idea whether google are the ones behind this fake bot traffic this or if google are simply allowing competitors to nuke each other with bots to drive costs up…who knows either way google wins!! And that’s the thing with Google adwords it’s so secretive meaning you don’t have a clue what your paying for or how the the systems behind it even work and whether its even fair or not!

  • crikey. What a palaver. Plenty of people would have given up for an easy life, I’m sure so I’m in awe of your tenacity. I’m useless at complaining

  • @ted The type of coating you’re talking about causes more light to go through the lens than be reflected off it. They’re sold as “anti-glare” but that’s not a very good description of what the coating does. The most useful thing it does IMO is cosmetic: someone else looking at you sees your eyes through the lens, not reflections. When I seen someone on telly wearing glasses without this type of coating I think, “didn’t anyone tell you how shit those glasses would look on telly?!” They’ll also make sure that you (the wearer) can’t see a reflection of your own eye (or any light source behind you) in the lens.

    It doesn’t surprise me that you can’t tell the difference between your anti-reflection coated specs and non-coated ones, but I’d tell the difference in how they look on your…[Read more]

  • I’m a sceptical of special lens coatings that are supposed to reduce glare from computer screens by filtering out a proportion of blue-violet light. There isn’t any good quality evidence that such a filter reduces symptoms (headaches, strained/tired-feeling eyes) associated with prolonged use of screens. That said, some people think they’re great.

    If you go for an eye test and describe your symptoms, your optom may prescribe something that may help. You might be long-sighted or presbyopic (depending on your age), or you could have a binocular vision problem that’s causing the trouble.(the muscles that co-ordinate the two eyes might be a bit out of whack). They might also prescribe something that doesn’t help, depending on how good they are (it’s easier to prescribe specs with a…[Read more]

  • Surely not having a chip pan fire is best?

    Oil based stuff, fire blanket and 999. Wet chemical isn’t really a domestic unit.

    Powder makes such a mess, and makes exit difficult, but if you’re sure you want it then do so.

    Water is not any good for burning liquids, foam is the same for chip fat as it burns so hot it burns off the foam additive.

    Ask yourself the question if the chip pan goes up beyond a few seconds, can you safely deal with it? Probably not. Call 999 and get out. If you’re asking these questions, then do you know enough to use whatever extinguisher you go with?

    Again, why not just do away with the deep fat fryer? Or find a way of cooking as such without the high risks?