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    I gave up anything with Aspartame in it years ago, it made me so ill I could barely function. I caused panic at work when I become so light sensitive I locked myself in a store room and went to sleep. After that my boss insisted I went to the doctors, it was the pharmacy that twigged what it was. The moment I cut out aspartame from my diet I was fine. Horrid stuff. It gave me migraines , shakes and dizziness, how I kept going I have no idea.

  • @logi I do see what you are saying, I think they are just super fussy, thankfully they no longer live in the area. I only deal with the letting agent, the property had been on the market for a month, which is unusual for a 1 bed round here, I did ask the agent and he was said that the landlord had turned down a few people that wanted it as they didn’t think they would stay long term. So I think it’s just a fussy landlord that wants maximum profit for minimum effort. I have no direct dealings with him, I am going in today to sign the paperwork. Am sooo excited.

  • Thanks for all your hints and tips. They are doing the inventory today apparently and there were a few things that they said would be fixed by the time I moved in but then the landlord’s father demanded that if I didn’t move in on the 1st January then the agent was to put the flat back on the market, which I pointed out was breaking contract as I had by that time signed and paid a holding deposit which the landlord himself had agreed to. Anyway moving in on the first or the 6th makes little odds to me so I said I would but they had to get the work done before, obviously that was the week before Christmas and now we are between Christmas and New Year so I hope that the landlord is enjoying having to spend much more money to get it all sorted this week than to wait until next week…[Read more]

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    For me it has to be the Traveller’s Rest in Rochdale would be up there. Part of the same 70’s architectural carbuncle of a building that housed the municipal offices and bus station. Still the only pub in which I’ve been offered heroin while taking a piss. When I declined I was offered violence as an alternative. Thankfully my response of bursting into laughter seemed to confuse the couple of scrotes making the offer long enough for me to leave unscathed.

  • Mine were all copied to google photos.
    I don’t think you can transfer from phone to phone with an iPhone.

  • Take Echinacea as well as Zinc tablets if I get that tickliy feeling at the back of your throat/nose that tells you something unpleasant is on it’s way. Usually by the next day it’s gone completely. My girlfriend went down with a real nasty one a few months ago, she also dosed herself up with Echinacea and it knocked it out, it’s good stuff. Hope you feel better soon!

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    [quote quote=3448]The Maybot is like one of those cheap vacuum cleaners that is very good at sucking up dirt but blows most of it out again the other end.[/quote]

    I’d agree with that. Navigation wise there’s not much to choose between Roomba and Maybot, they both have limited sensors and move about largely at random bumping off things then give up and return to base when there’s nowhere else to go. However there is no doubt when it comes to sucking the Maybot is in a league of its own.

  • Thanks everyone for your great tips, I have already been cruising EBay, Gumtree, Freecycle etc for essential furniture items. Thankfully it does come with a washing machine and large fridge freezer but I was going to rent those items as washing machines die here due to the hard water. TV licence I had nearly forgotten about that, haven’t ever had to pay for one myself!

  • @troll Thanks for the info. I get unlimited internet on my phone/tablet so wasn’t going to bother with a phone line/internet to begin with. I have been looking into insurance, the letting agent tried to sell me theirs but I had already looked and realised it was double what was on Compare the Market.

    I shall investigate energy companies.

  • I finally have got the office job of my dreams, and totally embracing the Mon-Fri 9-5 lifestyle. I am so much happier now than I was. My next challenge is renting, I am currently lodging with a friend but that is situation that couldn’t go on long. So at the weekend I saw a few houses and found one I liked. Miraculously I passed the reference check, which I was worried about as after 10 years in tied accommodation paying no utilities does affect you a lot. Anyway that is all done, so next week I will be signing my contract for my shiny new rental house. What I came on here to ask is at the mighty age of 35 I literally have no idea where to start, I mean I have a few bits and piece of my own that I have collected, but I have no idea where to start with Electric/Gas companies etc,…[Read more]

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