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    I know the expression. I survived school, too, somehow.

    In my school years, it was always the handy, dismissive, throw-away comment by parents and teachers that handed the bullies a free license to be total dicks at all times because they were only throwing “mean” words around and words can’t harm you. Frankly, that didn’t make my school life any more pleasant and I’m pretty damn sure that handing our politicians a free license to be total dicks at all times because they’re only throwing words around isn’t making the lives of the “minority and other groups” very pleasant, today.

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    My point was more that we as a society are in danger of being unable to say anything controversial, however mild, for fear of upsetting someone or some group.

    This is a danger.

    I believe that the solution is to stop treating people as groups. Once the group boundaries are erased and people are all included in society with some level of equality, perhaps the sensitivity of group-defining topics will be less.

    Name calling is often one of the techniques with which people — frequently politicians and school-yard bullies — define groups. As soon as you label something, it becomes a thing. “We” label “them” and our labels become a flag to which others may rally. In our history, this has been done time and time again for religious, political and military reasons.

    The old Etonian…[Read more]

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    I’ve only encountered 2 rats in our house, both brought in by the cat. 1 dead, the other very much alive and dropped in the middle of the lounge floor. That was an entertaining chase before I finally caught it in a bin and released it back the other side of the road, although I should probably have killed it – I was more worried about getting bitten by it.

    Then had to clean and disinfect much of the lounge and most of my toddler daughter’s toys where the rat had run over them during the chase.

    A mate of mine runs a pest control business and was asking him a couple of weeks ago for advice for my sister’s neighbour and he said the primary thing is to stop any food source and they’ll quickly stop coming. After that, traps and an air rifle with poison as a last resort.

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    @ratface There’s also a lot of variation within the sciences. I started studying chemistry at university where there seemed to be usually be one single correct answer but for a variety of reasons dropped out of university for a while (ironically to get a job as a lab technician based on my chemistry skills). I later went back to study biology, mostly plant ecology, where often there is no single answer & its often a case of considering alternatives and justifying a choice. I found that much more satisfying than chemistry (a bit like you I suspect). All a long time ago but I still remember one question for our finals general paper – “Skin – the perfect wrapping ?” difficult to prepare for that & similar questions other than to have a good knowledge of the subject.

  • It would be a serious disiplinary action if anyone did this where I work. I know someone who knows the OP in real life. I have no intention of doing so, but it would take me 30 seconds to find out her employer.

    I had an incident where things I had posted here and on social media were copied and sent to my work. I had never done anything but refer to the company positively though so the case was closed with no action required. It will still pretty stressful for me and if I had been found to do anything to show the company in a negative light I would have been dismissed, never mind disclosing information like this!

  • Advanced democracies like Scotland for instance. Or some of the countries whose constitutions were created after World War 2, like Germany. There have actually been some good ideas on how to govern a democracy since 1700.

    The UK is a mess:

    1. No written constitution with citizens rights and a constitutional court to interpret it.

    2. The House of Lords.

    3. Asymmetric federal system with the largest part of the UK not having a devolved parliament at all and different nations of the UK having different devolved powers. No representation of the devolved governments in a second chamber at the federal level.

    4. First past the post, no proportional representation.

    5. The monarchy.

    6. Centralisation in London. MPs personal wealth too heavily dependent on London property.

    7.…[Read more]

  • I think it’s worse than that. The UK national constitutional/electoral system hasn’t been fit for purpose for a long time and it is approaching a crisis because Corbyn is refusing to follow the normal process which moderated change and allowed the two party system to function (i.e. when the incumbent party moves to the extreme the opposition moves to the centre and when the incumbent party takes one side on an issue which splits the electorate roughly 50:50 then the opposition takes the other.)

    There has been far too much complacent ‘we are the best in the world’ rejection of modernisation by the electorate and as a result far too much ‘muddling by’ with obviously illogical and outdated structures. Partly it is nostalgia from an aging electorate and partly because our…[Read more]

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    What’s her view on Iceland frozen foods?

    Always seem to be way ahead of the pack in retail and environmental issues. Bet you he deals with plastic packaging issues faster than anybody else.

  • logi replied to the topic Ethical banking in the forum General Chat 3 months, 3 weeks ago

    I wonder about the Coop Bank in this respect. A paragon of virtue on ethical banking laid low. Sad really.

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    I had no issues at all putting more RAM and a SSD in a five year old Dell laptop (M101z) recently.

  • I used melatonin for a bit-ime it doesn’t necessarily stop you from waking up-you just fall asleep easier/more quickly. mine came from the US and I actually took 1/2 the recommended dose after reading up on the internet.It can make you feel quite foggy in the morning.
    I had a similar sleep issue last year for months (without the bladder bit). I think it was hormones with me with associated anxiety (even though I wasn’t lying there stressing) and its sorted itself out but it is miserable.

    I would not use it long term and I would avoid it if you are on any sort of anti-depressant or high BP and read up online about possible side affects.

  • I agree – but that would distort the presentation of the tax bands, which are in fact:

    So 0-£8424 is tax free (lower NI threshold)

    8425-11850 is 12% (to income tax threshold)

    11851-46351 is 32% (to higher rate threshold for income tax)

    46352-46384 is 52% (to rate reduction threshold for NI)

    46384- is 42% (40% income and 2 % NI)

    Then the effective 62% through 100000-120000 (personal allowance removal)

    Then 47% above 150k

    Having two sets of overlapping variable bands is stupid.

  • Having had a perusal of a couple of Police forums I’ve noticed more than a few hopeful recruits either concerned about passing, concerned about passing because they’ve identified they’re below the required standard beforehand, or have failed.

    I can’t even begin to imagine how someone would struggle to achieve 5.4 on the bleep test but aspire to a career which has its fair share of active moments. To be honest I struggle to imagine how someone could struggle to achieve 5.4 at all.

  • I was somewhat surprised to learn that the score required to pass the MSFT for the Police is 5.4; to me that seems unreasonably low. Granted they’re not tabbing for miles on end wearing heavy packs before engaging the enemy as per the Armed Forces, but where an aspect of the job is chasing miscreants on foot I’d expect the basic fitness requirement to be more challenging than a 5 minute slow jog?

    For comparison, the lowest standard for any of the Armed Forces is 9.10 (RAF and Navy).

    Do I have unrealistic expectations, or is the standard overly soft?

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    I’m kinda torn, what he’s done risks making a joke of what happen to the Jews, which isn’t on at all, and possibly makes light of antisemitism, but I don’t know if he should go to jail? The context in which he’s said what he did, wasn’t one in which he was promoting antisemitic views, ie ‘the Jews are like this, and taking advantage of xyz, and have this agenda’, he was getting a pug to do a Nazi salute to sieg heils and making it excited at ‘gas the Jews’. The second might be in really really bad taste, but I dunno if it qualifies as hate speech? Katie Price likening immigrants or asylum seekers (I forget which) to cockroaches was arguably worse. I don’t know, though, I’m torn.

    I think the line is blurred, and he’s in the blurred part between one thing and the other? It’s…[Read more]

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    Also when blowing up the balloon the surface area is expanding everywhere.

  • logi posted a new activity comment 4 months, 4 weeks ago

    Think about where is the center of the surface of a sphere.

  • @crud Kodi is great for local media, ok for iplayer and itvplayer but useless for Amazon video/Netflix/4oD. Initially I enjoyed mucking around adding new features, but eventually (after about 4 years) got to a point where I wanted something that just worked. Have been very pleased with the Roku so far, mine is quick to respond and intuitive enough for my wife and kids to use it without needing a tutorial from me.

  • If Royal Mail is delivering is it partly them?

    @ali I thought that but in this case as Amazon claim to have handed the item to royal mail about 48hrs ago and yet the tracking number doesn’t work on the RM website and they say that the tracking numbers can be generated by the seller before the item is sent.

    In recent experience with RM been mostly positive.

  • @matt The current order is sold by an independent company but “Fulfilled by Amazon” which means that the item is stored in an amazon warehouse and dispatched by them etc.

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