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  • lucy posted a new activity comment 2 months ago

    Could those 85,000 vacuous cretins not be herded onto an island (any island will do, the further from civilisation the better) and left there?

    I doubt it’d be too hard to con them into going, and they really wouldn’t be missed.

    • ycbm replied 2 months ago

      I worry more about the millions of cretins that actually bother to watch it.

  • I tried Etsy for 6 months and had no sales at all. I had adverts in magazines that maybe gave me 1 or 2 sales a year so weren’t worth the month. Tried a higher profile magazine spent £2 or £2k on adverts got zip from it.
    I do lot’s of shows and have got a very loyal following from that. Facebook is a wonderful tool for me. Twitter gives me zip but I do a bit with it. Insta is garnering interest from all over the world but no sales (I’m 47 btw hashtags are the key to post reach)
    I have a website that is great, but doing demonstrations, word of mouth and being visible at shows is definitely my best source of income.

  • lucy replied to the topic Sleep paralysis in the forum General Chat 2 months, 2 weeks ago

    I used to a lot due to stress, could always hear something coming up the stairs and into my room.Only happens occasionally now but it’s horrible.

  • Legalise and tax logic says this the way forward .
    However the thought of having deal with the intense boredom that you have to experiance when you are in the company of people smoking marijuana who are without doubt the most boring people on earth, or having to be in the company of the twitching idiot that is someone on cocaine I could go on but I won’t. This makes me step away from thinking encouraging wider drug use by legalising.
    The saving in the policing costs would quickly be cancelled out dealing with antisocial behaviour and all the assiocated fall out from increased drug use , then they would end up in the NHS injured and stuffing from the mental issues that follows along in the wake recreational drugs use.
    Not sure what the answer is but atm the police mainly seem to t…[Read more]

  • Very well said.

    I think you have blown this waaaaaay out of proportion! If the policy is that strict and imperative, why are you not doing random sample drug tests on your work force already?

    You had a right to look in his bag for ID but I think that unscrewing and opening things (apart from a wallet for example) is not acceptable. He has every right to have whatever he wants in his personal items, it might be a key ring he took to Ibiza 4 years before he started working for the company that once had coke in it but he kept as a keepsake, it might be his friends, it might be a powder that adds weight, or stops it from going rusty.

    I carried around my nans old small perfume vial in my handbag for years, where the contents did eventually turn to powder due to age, and I could have…[Read more]

  • lucy replied to the topic How to properly heal a wound? in the forum Health 3 months ago

    I wouldn’t expose it to the air because it will get infected and that would be way worse pain, and would scar as well.

    The clear fluid is plasma and is part of the natural healing process. It is exudate and is a fluid produced as part of the normal wound-healing process, and is essentially blood from which the platelets and red cells have been filtered out . It leaks from capillaries in the tissues surrounding a wound as a consequence of increased capillary permeability.

    It has been demonstrated that a covered wound heals faster than an uncovered wound! This is because the scab, although it closes off the wound and protects it from infection, actually impedes the growth of new skin cells in to cover the wound.

  • lucy posted a new activity comment 3 months ago

    What was Alex Jones even doing wrong to get them to call the police? STOP WASTING POLICE TIME GOOGLE!

  • lucy replied to the topic What are schools for? in the forum General Chat 3 months ago

    I do wish we’d had more political stuff in school, unless you did A level it wasn’t mentioned and it mostly managed to pass me by and in a democracy I think it would be useful if people knew how things worked.

    I think maybe pupils should start when they fancy it I was desperate to go at just 4 (august birthday), was forced to do half days for the first term and cried/whinged every lunch time when I had to go home and miss out on stuff

  • Is it discrimination if shops charge more for larger size clothes of the same range of clothing?

    More cloth is used, so why should this be subsidised by people who pay the same for smaller size clothing?

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  • @ycbm what would you have them do? I’ve two step kids, neither of whom are capable of working due to severe myotonic dystrophy and associated conditions (autism, epilepsy). Both have been to a special needs schools and then college. One has now finished college and has done various work placements. the other has just finished school and is at college three days a week-the rest of the time their mother or father has them-but father has to work now to make sure that financially we can take care of them in the future, mother has taken early retirement due to her health. the remaining grandparents are no longer able to look after them. the kids received a vast amount of useful stimulation from college and interaction with others and has done them both a world of good in dealing with…[Read more]