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  • I disagree that ebay always sides with the buyer, as in my experience with a dodgy seller, they sided totally with him.

    In this instance OP I think I’d just refund the money, but it does seem ridiculous that a buyer can effectively change their mind after the contract is made, when you have done your part.

  • Junk but I do like covertly telling other people’s google or amazon systems to set an alarm for 3am every other week.

    Works even better when your neighbor has one of these systems and you can shout from your garden or through the wall to get it going.

  • mary replied to the topic I've given up diet drinks in the forum Health 7 months, 1 week ago

    I gave them up a couple of years ago, they don’t do you any good at all.

  • I used to be a self employed housekeeper & would answer adverts in local shops etc & gave references to potential clients. They always commented that they used certain national/ local impersonal services before & weren’t impressed. As long as they have references I would go for independent housekeeper. We have more pride in our work as reputation is everything.