• Matty posted an update 4 months, 4 weeks ago

    My internet Broadband connection started playing up last week, then on Saturday I lost the telephone connection completely. Open Reach Engineer has just been and found the fault was caused by False Widow Spiders having woven their webs in the connection box where the telephone line enters my maisonette at ground level. Heavy dew on these webs had caused the connections to short out.

    Apparently these little spiders have quite a painful bite, and can be dangerous to a small child or someone in poor health. They love dark damp places like junction boxes and meter cupboards.

    • I was in California for a while at the wife’s uncles and got roped into tracing an electrical fault with the exterior ground lights (large property) I was warned in no uncertain terms to be extremely careful opening up all the junction boxes and digging around in the bushes etc because of the danger of brown recluse spiders, scorpions and rattlers!

      Never saw any of the nasties but found the fault, and the dead gofthor that chewed the cable.

      Did see a mountain lion though, wonderful sight

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