• Mick posted an update 10 months ago

    Here in the UK, public owned tv station channel 4 has been on full propaganda mode recently. For the last couple days channel 4 has been broadcasting a tv drama called “the state” which follows a number of fictional Isis fighters and supporters in Islamic territory. It is total disgraceful program and it is doing is glorifying Isis. This program does little to condemn Isis and in some scenes the show even attempts to justify these monsters actions and try’s to make viewers feel sorry for them. Channel 4 decided to air the program despite calls for channel 4 to delay after the tragic terror attack in Barcelona. In my opinion channel 4 should be closed down as what channel 4 is doing is abhorrent and disrespectful to all of Isis victims past and present. This is not entertainment it is simply propaganda by a leftie liberal nut job director trying to show off to the rest of his liberal nut job friends.