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  • The only thing that works for me to stop me coughing is codeine linctus – it is absolutely brilliant!!! The codeine stops the ‘tickle’ in your throat. I’m so pleased my GP recommended it, if you are OK with codeine then do get some, you won’t be disappointed

    @mick That does make sense. Codeine is very similar chemically to morphine (and heroin!). Morphine was first used in cough medicine because it supresses the cough reflex.

  • Also, if you fancy a bit of ‘urbex’, be aware that some may see it as ‘breaking and entering’. As some of the exchanges are in use and still classified, you could have all sorts of interesting legal problems.

    @mick Wrong. The whole point of Urbex is the code of conduct, which means that you do not break and enter. Breaking open a premises to enter is certainly a criminal offence as is vandalism, which is Criminal Damage. Urbex means entering without damaging anything, which is not a crime. There may be a civil case if the landowner wanted to try to prove that you caused them financial loss by your actions but that’s a matter for the civil, not criminal courts. Trespassers cannot therefore be prosecuted.