• mo posted an update 5 months, 2 weeks ago

    Playing music on iphone without itunes?? I just want to put a couple of albums onto my phone (iphone 5s), and don’t want more useless software on my knackered old laptop. Is there an easy way of dragging and dropping a couple of mp3s from my laptop onto my phone, and being able to play them?

    I tried google but couldn’t find much.. which I fear may have answered my question!


    • I’m not sure what’ll happen, but maybe try emailing the mp3s to your phone.. see what the options are for opening/saving them!

    • I have used MediaMonkey to transfer files to and from iThings. The advantage is that MM manage to put music in the right place for the Music app to find it.

      FileBrowser and FileApp don’t seem to be able to get past Nanny Jobs and put files where you want them…

    • CopyTrans Manager.


    • Tried MediaMonkey but to no avail. I think because my laptop didn’t have the drivers to see my phone. Tried CopyTrans which worked a treat (it prompted me to install the drivers).

      Thanks all, now I can plug my phone into the big speakers downstairs so the neighbors can listen to Motorhead

    • Not quite the same but if you have spotify you can run that in offline mode on your phone

    • I think if you’ve installed CopyTrans, MM should work now…

      It’s a long time since I did it, as I never really used the iPad for music. But I did use it to recover the music off an iPod for a mate.