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  • I think that the chances that there is life out there in another galaxy is very high, the chances of it being comparable to some form of earth life, is moderately high, the chances of it being “intelligent” on a par with human life on
    earth is evens to moderately high. The chances of our ever being able to communicate with intelligent life in another galaxy is moderately low. The chances of our ever being able to meet “intelligent” life on another galaxy ie we travel to them or they travel here is very low to nil.

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    YouTube has been censoring videos again for no good reason! This time its a video published by the democratically elected Polish government about the migrant crisis. For a period of time the video was flagged as being “age inappropriate,” due to the fact that it went against the liberal rhetoric that migration is good. Many of the standard YouTube features for the video were deactivated, including the comments section, sharing and embedding options, view count, and user rating, the video was also unreachable for logged out users. The video is now back up.. presumably after the backlash after YouTube decided to censor the video. However, even though the video is now back up (comments still censored) the video should never have been censored in the first place. It is as though You…[Read more]

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    @chrisb as the saying goes if something seems to good to be true it probably is. I just looked at’s terms and conditions and they have jam packed it full of ambiguous and unreasonable rules to allow them to avoid paying advertisers such as you cannot place ads on sites “Placed on free hosted pages.” or have “Bulk of the content is user-generated”

    • I didn’t break any of there rules… they just made it impossible for me to even earn anything. Hopefully people will see this and avoid using them and this scam company can go bust.

  • I used to use them too. They were really good until they got bought out by a big company and now they suck big time. I would recommend Siteground they are a lot faster, more reliable, better support plus you get a free SSL certificate for https//

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    Youtube has decided to censor a video by Joseph Watson for no good reason!

    To view the video you have to now be logged in and comments have been removed. The video is in noway offensive and should never have been censored. The video is about Donald Trump retweeting a Britain first video.. whilst Joseph said that Donald Trump was dumb to retweet he also said that the hysterical reaction from the left was even dumber. Joseph also went on to say that the reason Britain first is growing in popularity is because the left is silencing moderate voices into submission and nobody has a voice anymore. Proving the exact points raised in the video Youtube has chosen to censor the video even though it does not break any of its “rules”.. it is…[Read more]

    • This is ridiculous! I just watched the video and its not offensive in the slightest. This is a big example of how the elite are trying to control everything..even what we think! CControl freak, gluttonous tax avoiding youtube/googlers can rot in hell with the Islamists I say.

    • Funny how youtube doesn’t censor anti christian videos or ISIS propaganda videos yet takes this down as fast as possible.

    • Looks as though they have uncensored the video now.

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    In a recent viral video made by Steven Crowder Amazon’s Alexa spews blasphemous lies as it is asked a series of questions. When asked who is Jesus answers a “fictional character” but when asked who prophet Muhammad is Alexa responds by saying that he was a “Wise prophet…”.

    Alexa uses Algorithms to extract data from Google and Wikipedia and it is evident from the video that these Algorithms created by these tech companies have been designed to deceive and manipulate what people think.

    Crowder at the end of the video concludes, “This is how far progressivism has gone in Silicon Valley. Not only do the anti-free-speech, militant, fascist social justice warriors have to do mental loop-de-loops to try and keep their worldview sensible, but now they program it into their a…[Read more]

    • That is very disturbing. I will make it my mission to never buy from amazon again!

    • Looks as though amazon has been hiring lots of trolls to discredit the video in the youtube comments. Seeing this a lot recently, whenever someone posts something negative against ones of the big tech companies there is always an army off shills ready to shill on the big companies behalf.

      • I agree lots of shills were saying in the comments that this was faked but then they released another unedited video to prove it wasn’t.. also other people posted pictures of them get the same results. Also why would Steven risk his rep and ton of subscribers on making a fake video that could easily be tested. Amazon just quickly changed the answers too as soon as the video started to go viral.

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    I agree, Google are always manipulating the search results especially around black Friday and major holidays. They must be real scumbags that work for that company. I heard that it is run like a cult and they have everything they need in the google campus food, entertainment rooms, gyms.. so they don’t have to leave or interact with any of us lesser beings. They live in the Google bubble and do not care about the rest of us, kind of pathetic really.

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    Looks as though Stormzy is in trouble with the liberals. Back in 2011 he apparently posted some homophobic tweets on twitter and someone found them. He has had to apologize now. Stormzy is a Christian which means he thinks that homosexuality is a sin… but in this day and age when freedom of speech is dead means if anyone even catches you saying this(apart if your a muslim) then you will be hung drawn and quartered. The bible says that this sort of stuff is unlawful, however we now live in a country with laws that contradict the bible and says if you speak out against homos then you are breaking the law. This means English law which was once based upon the bible now is meaningless and has no basis if it goes against the…[Read more]

    • I’m kind of sick of these witch hunts don’t they have anything better to do? These deviants need to get off their high horses. and repent.

    • Same thing happened to that vlogger who was in im a celeb. He was kicked out after some one found a homophobic post he made on the internet when he was only 15!

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    I have been thinking about buying a new computer from a custom pcbuilder.. is it only worth it though if you are spending a lot of money on your new computer? Also can you return it if it breaks?

    • If you are on a medium end budget I would stick with branded pcs. Building your own or using a pc builder is only cost effective in my opinion if you are wanting a high end pc.

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    Update: looks as though the first victim of googles crackdown on extremists isn’t some Isis terrorist or even some one calling for violence but a christian professor who simply opposes government mandated use of gender-neutral pronouns such as Ze and Zir. His account with 364,000 subscribers was suspended by youtube… Whilst you can still find lots of Isis propaganda easily on youtube :/ You can read more on this news story here:
    When will people wake up to what Google is doing and stop using their services?

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    Youtube will start taking down CONTROVERSIAL content in an affront against freedom o of speech. Even if your video does not break any laws or even youtubes own rules your video may still be removed if it is flagged and is not “liked” by a who ever is reviewing the video with controversial religious content or supremacist content ground for removal according to a recent youtube blog post. Google will also deploy algorithms powered by liberal biased machine learning to find and remove content it doesn’t like… essentially censoring people’s freedom of speech! Read more here >>>

  • Mr snrub posted an update 1 year, 1 month ago

    Just created an open list where you can submit your review of a scammy webhosting company and get your revenge. Check it out here

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    It begins. McDonald’s in America is set to make 2500 cashiers redundant by replacing them with robots. Instead of talking to a person customers will instead get there order taken by a robot as part of the company’s “Experience of the Future” project. McDonalds says that human workers will still be used to make their junk food. I doubt however that McDonald’s will stop at robotic cashiers as I suspect that if McDonald’s is successful in this endeavour then robots maybe used to make McDonald’s junk food aswell because lets face it McDonald’s food already looks as though it made by robots anyway. The distopian world is coming.

    • This really worries me. Who does it really benefit at the end of the day? If the poor do not even have jobs then who is going to buy McDonald’s cheap junk food? In the next couple years I can see more and more people loose their jobs and unlike economic recessions these job losses will be permanent making for a lot of angry people. This industrial revolution 2.0 is going to end in tears… I hope these nerds have plenty of security as they are going to need it.

    • Getting rid of these jobs is going to make a lot of people out of work and very angry.. I wouldn’t be surprised in future if riots break out. It is bad enough that the economy is in the shape that it is. McDonald’s jobs are amongst lowest paid jobs going and in an economy where self employment and small businesses simply don’t exist, and where people bite the bullet and do them despite the humiliation associated with these jobs just to survive, it really is a kick in the teeth for these people.

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    I agree, she is just a bit jowly lol. I have definitely seen dogs a lot uglier than this.

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    Someone was stabbed 9 times for supporting Donald Trump. Seth Rogen who looks like the victim thought he should mock the victim on twitter. One of the things he mocked the stab victim about was the fact that he didn’t have health insurance…which shows his contempt for the poor. Even if Seth doesn’t like Donald Trump he should not be mocking people. This RICH Hollywood actor is just down right disgrace to say the least and I think we should all boycott his movies from now on.
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    That thing does look pretty good. Competition is always good because it will either force wacoms prices down or get them to make something even better. Would love to see the new cintiq pro in a 20+ inch version with no parallax that would be awesome and this dell canvas shows that it can be done.

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    So there was an apparent terrorist attack at a mosque in Finsbury Park yesterday. This mosque was once attended by extremist hate preacher Abu Hamza and has tons of extremist links.

    The left is now showing more sorrow for the “victims” of this terrorist attack than they have ever done after a Islamic terrorist attack.
    Showing their true hypocrisy the left are saying that action needs to be taken against the right wing extremists….when only a couple of weeks ago after the the barbaric attacks by Muslims in the Uk the left were saying that we should all untie against hate..blablabla…

    BUT the “terrorist attack” did not actually kill anyone. The person who died was having a heart attack before the attack even happened. His heart attack was probably caused by him not eating as…[Read more]

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    Reddit absolutely sucks as nowadays you cannot post at all on that site without your posts being deleted by overzealous control freak mods with nothing better to do…. it used be that you could post anything on that site but not any more!

    • I know right! Reddit sucks as it claims that it is all about freedom of speech but if you just link out to one of your sites you get banned from that subreddit faster than you can actually press the submit button. I hope utterz takes it place as at least here you can post what you like even ads without the ban hammer smacking you in the face constantly.

    • Twitter is even worse, the other day I made an account on twitter and made just TWO tweet and then my account got blocked :s

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    I really hope that Donald trump lives up to his word and helps to stop the persecution of Christians in Syria by getting rid of these evil terrorists that are killing these people (or at leasts et up a mini country for them to live in safely somewhere away from persecution)! These Christians in these countries have not hurt a anyone at all and they will not ever do so because it is not part of their beliefs. They are the most peaceful people ever and a lot of “western” pick and choosing Christians need to look at these orthodox Christians for guidance on how to live their lives. We cannot let these people just die whilst we live in a our big cosy houses not bothered because its not affecting us. No we should be bothered! The time for action is now and we must exert pressure on…[Read more]

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