• Mr snrub posted an update 7 months, 3 weeks ago

    Looks as though Stormzy is in trouble with the liberals. Back in 2011 he apparently posted some homophobic tweets on twitter and someone found them. He has had to apologize now. Stormzy is a Christian which means he thinks that homosexuality is a sin… but in this day and age when freedom of speech is dead means if anyone even catches you saying this(apart if your a muslim) then you will be hung drawn and quartered. The bible says that this sort of stuff is unlawful, however we now live in a country with laws that contradict the bible and says if you speak out against homos then you are breaking the law. This means English law which was once based upon the bible now is meaningless and has no basis if it goes against the bible.

    Stormzy: forced to apologize for “homophobic” tweets

    • I’m kind of sick of these witch hunts don’t they have anything better to do? These deviants need to get off their high horses. and repent.

    • Same thing happened to that vlogger who was in im a celeb. He was kicked out after some one found a homophobic post he made on the internet when he was only 15!