• Mr snrub posted an update 8 months ago

    In a recent viral video made by Steven Crowder Amazon’s Alexa spews blasphemous lies as it is asked a series of questions. When asked who is Jesus answers a “fictional character” but when asked who prophet Muhammad is Alexa responds by saying that he was a “Wise prophet…”.

    Alexa uses Algorithms to extract data from Google and Wikipedia and it is evident from the video that these Algorithms created by these tech companies have been designed to deceive and manipulate what people think.

    Crowder at the end of the video concludes, “This is how far progressivism has gone in Silicon Valley. Not only do the anti-free-speech, militant, fascist social justice warriors have to do mental loop-de-loops to try and keep their worldview sensible, but now they program it into their artificial intelligence.”.

    Whislt in other new Amazon boss Jeff Bezos.. has topped $100 billion net worth making him the worlds richest man… and GREEDIEST. Despite being so rich Bezos gives pittance to charity.

    • That is very disturbing. I will make it my mission to never buy from amazon again!

    • Looks as though amazon has been hiring lots of trolls to discredit the video in the youtube comments. Seeing this a lot recently, whenever someone posts something negative against ones of the big tech companies there is always an army off shills ready to shill on the big companies behalf.

      • I agree lots of shills were saying in the comments that this was faked but then they released another unedited video to prove it wasn’t.. also other people posted pictures of them get the same results. Also why would Steven risk his rep and ton of subscribers on making a fake video that could easily be tested. Amazon just quickly changed the answers too as soon as the video started to go viral.