• Mr snrub posted an update 7 months, 2 weeks ago

    Youtube has decided to censor a video by Joseph Watson for no good reason!

    To view the video you have to now be logged in and comments have been removed. The video is in noway offensive and should never have been censored. The video is about Donald Trump retweeting a Britain first video.. whilst Joseph said that Donald Trump was dumb to retweet he also said that the hysterical reaction from the left was even dumber. Joseph also went on to say that the reason Britain first is growing in popularity is because the left is silencing moderate voices into submission and nobody has a voice anymore. Proving the exact points raised in the video Youtube has chosen to censor the video even though it does not break any of its “rules”.. it is clearly an affront against freedom of speech.

    • This is ridiculous! I just watched the video and its not offensive in the slightest. This is a big example of how the elite are trying to control everything..even what we think! CControl freak, gluttonous tax avoiding youtube/googlers can rot in hell with the Islamists I say.

    • Funny how youtube doesn’t censor anti christian videos or ISIS propaganda videos yet takes this down as fast as possible.

    • Looks as though they have uncensored the video now.