• Mr snrub posted an update 8 months, 2 weeks ago

    YouTube has been censoring videos again for no good reason! This time its a video published by the democratically elected Polish government about the migrant crisis. For a period of time the video was flagged as being “age inappropriate,” due to the fact that it went against the liberal rhetoric that migration is good. Many of the standard YouTube features for the video were deactivated, including the comments section, sharing and embedding options, view count, and user rating, the video was also unreachable for logged out users. The video is now back up.. presumably after the backlash after YouTube decided to censor the video. However, even though the video is now back up (comments still censored) the video should never have been censored in the first place. It is as though Youtube is seeing just how far they can go with their blatant censorship and control.

    You can read about the news story below: