• Mr snrub posted an update 1 year ago

    So there was an apparent terrorist attack at a mosque in Finsbury Park yesterday. This mosque was once attended by extremist hate preacher Abu Hamza and has tons of extremist links.

    The left is now showing more sorrow for the “victims” of this terrorist attack than they have ever done after a Islamic terrorist attack.
    Showing their true hypocrisy the left are saying that action needs to be taken against the right wing extremists….when only a couple of weeks ago after the the barbaric attacks by Muslims in the Uk the left were saying that we should all untie against hate..blablabla…

    BUT the “terrorist attack” did not actually kill anyone. The person who died was having a heart attack before the attack even happened. His heart attack was probably caused by him not eating as part of the Muslims “so called” holy month of Ramadan.

    I do not condone any acts of terror or violence but it is the governments fault that this happened because they let in a bunch of people with a religion solely based upon killing the infidels wherever they find them and have started a war with us.
    If anything I feel sorry for Darren Osborne who is 47-year-old and has a family who is the real victim here. He let his anger get the better of him probabaly after seeing the terrible atrcoties in Manchester and London. Now he has thrown his life away and will probably never be rleased from jail all after a moment of madness.

    My guess is that things are going to spiral even more out of control when the Muslims take revenge for this “terrorist” attack.