• Nerdkid posted an update 6 months, 4 weeks ago

    Starting to learn maven and I think it is really cleaver! Maven lets you import libraries and frameworks really easy.For example if you are using netbeans (Dont use intellij as after trying for hours I realized that when using javafx and maven together intellij messes up something and doesn’t work but netbeans can create a new project using javafx VERY easily in new project options.) you can create a new project with both Maven and javafx set up. The you can simply add this into your pom file found here https://wimdeblauwe.wordpress.com/2015/03/13/using-font-awesome-in-javafx-with-fontawesomefx/

    After that you can open your fmxl file and then you should see a new “custom” tab where you would usually find your containers and buttons, no extra work needed and should update when new version comes out on its own! Under this tab there will be two new options FontAwesomeIconView and GlyphsStack… now you drag and drop fontawesome icons onto your scene and use them to make your application looks snazzy! Anyway hope this helps people trying to use fontawesome icons in their projects.. I spend a whole afternoon trying to work out how to do this!