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  • nev replied to the topic Best dash cam to buy? in the forum General Chat 2 weeks, 4 days ago

    Mine was fitted by a garage. It is permanently hardwired in, no wires showing. I have it behind the rear view mirror on the passenger side so I don’t even really notice it, and it simply turns itself on when I start the engine and off again when I stop it. The recording is on a loop, so it just records over old footage, so no need to touch it ever. It also has a motion detector, so if someone hits my car when it is parked up unattended it will also record then for a few minutes.

    I just forget it is there.

    My last car had it in for a few years and the only time I used it was when in dispute with a company (a private gym/pool and a ‘customer’ blocked access to my clothes in a basement pool area with no one else present, said that he was going to hold me hostage. I ran out as I was…[Read more]

  • nev replied to the topic Drawdown Pensions. in the forum General Chat 3 weeks, 2 days ago

    There are circumstances where you can get more than 25% out tax-free.

    Generally, this is for older pensions and things like executive pension plans.

    You should check carefully that you aren’t in such a scheme.

    I had some pension in such a scheme and have found that I can get all 100% out tax-free (wasn’t expecting that). I am doing this asap before someone changes the tax rules. Unfortunately it would require another zero on the end for me to retire on

  • Sometimes you are just unlucky with cars. My four and a half year old Seat Leon, bought at 18 months, has never skipped a beat. It wasn’t much more than half list price and is now fully paid for. Ideally, we will get another few years of reliable motoring out of it. Hybrid / EV is another issue and certainly something we will look at, but hopefully not until 2023 or so, by when I suspect the offer will be quite different.

  • I only realised as an adult that everybody’s favourite teacher was constantly half-cut. Once you realise what ‘that’ smell is, a lot of things make sense.
    He died a few years ago. My mum spoke to a PE teacher, after his death, who said that they all covered for him, hid him in the girls’ changing rooms and all sorts when the headmaster was making his rounds.
    He was one of those inspirational types of teacher that they make films about, beloved by the freaks and geeks, who brought people out of themselves and gave them a voice, indeed he had the nickname ‘Dad’ and we are all singing the songs he taught us over 20 years later. The day he came in covered in shaving cuts and toilet tissue, we didn’t think anything of it

  • Hmmm….. well this is an interesting moral / legal conumdrum! In a previous life, if a bag had been left unclaimed in my immediate surroundings I’d have blown it up!! Or staged a full ordnance disposal exercise – though it might seem to be blowing my own trumpet to some on here – my squad actually did this once for real ( when others ignored it ) and it earned us an amazing amount of Brownie points.

    Why did you leave it for ( how many days? Four was it???) oh dear, you’ve all been blown to bits by the terrorists. This also something EVERYONE should be aware of when poking about in unclaimed baggage – let alone unknown substances in small vials which you opened!!! Mein Gott! I do hope you didn’t emulate Hollywood movies – and TASTE some!!! Ester – come on girl – give us a list of…[Read more]

  • Can we apply the same thinking to portion sizes in restaurants?

    ‘We’ do, with fast food particularly – that’s part of the problem.

    As with clothes, the cost of the raw material is a tiny fraction of the price of the finished article. (Hilariously so with post-mix fizzy pop which is ludicrously cheap to produce.)

    So if you charge a little bit more for a significantly bigger portion, you make more profit. What you do, as the proprietor of a fast-food restaurant to capitalise on that is offer a larger portion, “supersize”, whatever for only a little bit more money. Seems like an absolute bargain. Over time, the “supersize” portion becomes the regular size, so you do it again. And again.

  • Come on, surely you can see the corners of the earth on the green screen, and that is most definitely not a continent below the clouds.

    And where is the moon and stars?

    Come on people wake up to the fact that this man is a genius.

    Lets not get into arguments that the moon may have been behind the earth or behind the camera at the time, or that when filming the exposure of the earth may have been too great to cancel out the dimly lit stars in the background.

    In the man’s defence, the rockets did go straight up and straight back down again, proving that the earth is flat otherwise they would have flown around the earth. There must be some sort of trick for the International Space Station though as that keeps flying in the same direction every 90 minutes.

    Wake up people.

  • nev replied to the topic Ethical banking in the forum General Chat 2 months, 3 weeks ago

    Thank you. It’s an interesting concept, although I’m not entirely convinced that the question of what is or isn’t “ethical” is always an easy or simple judgement to make, because issues humans become involved in are not always clear cut.

  • nev replied to the topic Ethical banking in the forum General Chat 2 months, 3 weeks ago

    What exactly do you mean by ethical banking/and investments? Who judges what is ethical or not?

  • nev replied to the topic New PC – any suggestions? in the forum General Chat 3 months ago

    Dell sell sufficient volume to allow them to use customized motherboards and other components in their desktop & laptop products, while other smaller PC builders use off the shelf components. However I can’t remember coming across a Dell laptop that wouldn’t accept off-the-shelf RAM or Hard disk.

    Anyone looking to upgrade a laptop needs to be aware that laptops normally use different RAM (SODIMM) and hard disks (2.5″ not 3.5″) to a desktop PC. So double check before you click “buy”.

  • Try clicking the little plus by “other spending” in the table below. There really isn’t some conspiracy to prevent you knowing how the money is spent.

  • Scandinavia?

    But then once you start losing 60%+ of your income in tax you are discouraged and decide personal or family time is better value, then what? Those who earning less pick up some of that work and everyone benefits.

    One thing is for certain the UK isn’t exactly at peak tax.

  • nev posted a new activity comment 4 months, 1 week ago

    “Would you damage or rebel against tech that you did not agree with?”

    Of course. I destroy every tin opener I can get my hands on – usually illicitly in friends’ houses

    The vicious tin openers are going to take over the world. DESTROY YOURS NOW

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    CopyTrans Manager.


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    What about heading down to the Cotswolds. The Gloucestershire and Warwickshire Steam Railway have just extended the route from Cheltenham all the way up to Broadway, it’s a beautiful area and there are some lovely hotels in Broadway, which has just been voted the most romantic place in the UK.

    You could base yourself in Broadway and have the option of getting the steam train down to Cheltenham for a mooch around there.

    Details on the railway here:

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    My daughter ‘wrapped an ‘offending’ car in cling film, when a car was parked on part of our drive way. She’d called the police and they stated there was nothing they could do, and warned of the criminal damage issue, around any action she took. DVLA were unable at that point to help much.

    Several 100 meters of cling film wrapped round all doors (we had a job lot), to get the message across seemed to sate her annoyance.

  • nev replied to the topic Continuing headache in the forum Health 5 months, 1 week ago

    Beyond saying that anyone who’s had a headache for over a month shouldn’t be fobbed off with platitudes by their GP, I’m pretty sure that no-one is going to be able to say anything very helpful on here based on what you’ve described.

  • Presumably he can prove he was in Paris? Bank statements etc would show that he wasn’t here on the date and wasn’t here to receive his post.

  • nev replied to the topic Non jobs in the forum General Chat 5 months, 1 week ago

    @sar We can empty our own bins if need be, but I am happy for a portion of my taxes to pay for someone else to empty my bins at home. I even did the job for a few week, straight out of university, before I got a better job. I can’t however carry out heart surgery on my step-daughter, who had seven hours of open heart surgery in August. I don’t begrudge a heart surgeon a generous salary.

  • nev replied to the topic Wisdom Teeth Removal in the forum Health 6 months, 3 weeks ago

    Must be just me that had no problems then? I’ve had 2 – or possibly 3 – impacted wisdom teeth out at various times at hospital (once) or at the dentist (twice?) under local anaesthetic.

    I found it hugely amusing at the hospital where they were literally kneeling on my chest to pull the tooth out, the noise it made was pretty yuck though! I don’t recall much pain or swelling afterwards, has time dimmed my memory I wonder.

    They were very fussy about not removing mine unless strictly necessary as the nerves are all wound around the roots so they were worried I would lose sensation in my face, so I still have one (or maybe 2!) impacted ones lurking in there somewhere

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