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  • Most of the clothes in these stores are dirt cheap anyway.

    Are they afraid that spending a bit more on large clothes means there’s less money left over for them to stuff their mouths with cake ?

    Of all the things to complain about while the world goes to hell in a hand cart.

  • I’m utterly convinced. Give that man a PhD.

    A little learning is a dangerous thing.

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    Was this just a rumour or do Dell actually customise components so that you have to buy from them?

    They certainly used to do this, but it was upwards of a decade ago. I had to fix a Latitude where the hard drive had a special adapter glued on, in such a way that it was impossible to get it off without breaking it. So you had to buy a new hard drive with adapter from dell to replace it. I haven’t seen anything similar for a good many years, and in fact I would say the business desktops (e.g. optiplex) are one of the best on the market from a maintainability point of view. Everything hinges or slides out without tools.

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    “Trump and Boris Johnson have changed that. They communicate extremely straightforwardly straight at the prejudices of their base and they don’t give a sh*t about whether what they say is true as long as it is emotionally appealing.”

    Trump does, it’s not entirely clear how much of that is compulsive and how much is calculated. It apparently works but that’s not surprising given his barely literate base and Praetorian guard of right wing news filters. Johnson in general still doesn’t though he’s had a few little goes at outright populist nonsense, mostly he still errs on the side carefully distorting the truth and maintaining deniability (the bus for example, everyone stood in front of it but nobody is responsible for it) rather than flagrantly making stuff up.

    “It’s been such a…[Read more]

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    Likewise, a BBC article this week showed that in the mining industry the ‘gender pay gap’ favours women. They didn’t see fit to comment on this but my guess is that more women work in higher paid administrative roles than as miners themselves. Let’s see a campaign to get more equality in the mining industry! #morewomenunderground or something…..

  • -Gimp is free haven’t used it in a while but was/is one of the best photoshop alternatives back in the 00’s when I last used it..

    -Inkscape free good for vectors and design work. But buggy last time I used it crashed when doing simple things.

    -Clipstudio not free but is also meant to be a lot better than Photoshop for drawing and even vector work.

    -Paint Tool SAI again not free but a lot cheaper than photoshop and is meant to be a lot better than photoshop for drawing.

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    Indeed, it is all biology and genetic, and that is purely luck! No matter how much will power and good judgement i have, the body type I have is down to luck.

    Indeed, thin and healthy are very different things, which is why judging someone on their weight isn’t a good idea! I’m a little overweight at the moment, but exercise a lot and eat very healthily, so I would think I am pretty healthy. My uncle who never put on weight no matter how much crap he ate (from the east end of Glasgow so with lifestyle factors associated with that) had a stroke aged 47.

    So these are reasons not to judge people on being overweight and to promote healthy food choices.

  • legions of work shy scroungers who are abusing the system while pretending to look for work.

    @torieboy let’s just get some perspective here…

    Benefit fraud accounted for ~1% of the benefits bill in 2015-16, and more than half of that was to do with housing benefit. Even if all the rest was down to people gaming the system, I wouldn’t call ~1 in 200 “legions”.

    the enemies are the people who could work but claim benefits instead.

    It’s not my business who you hate, but it’s a shame that the relentless “workshy scrounger” rhetoric has resulted in this demonisation of a whole mythical section of society, who for the most part appear to be honest but poor.

    As an aside, have you ever claimed benefits? Have you read reports of people…[Read more]

  • Anybody thinking of getting a Google Home Mini?

    I suggest you wait as there are some technical issues that Google are not discussing and are not fixing any time soon.

    If you buy your speaker in the hope that it will play your music from your Google Music Play account. Then you are out of luck. This feature is broken and there does not seem to be a date when it will be fixed.

    Last week when ever I verbally asked the Google Assistants on any of my android kit to play some music, that bit of kit would play the requested music. No mess no fuss, and to steal a quote from Apple, it just worked.

    This weekend I bought a Google Home Mini and discovered that this feature does not work. And there is no sight of fixing this by asking on the Google Help Forums because they have known…[Read more]

  • As above – don’t forget the co factors though!

    Also if it’s been low for a long time you may find you get an increase in pain for a week or two on the group they call it remineralisation.

    VERY IMPORTANT: Dont buy supplements from Amazon.. Their are so many fakes on that site sold by unscrupulous foreign sellers. Dont take the risk as you could be consuming anything and could be very bad for you. Amazon doesn’t care and wont take down these fakes..Amazon just cares about profit. Make sure to buy your supplements from an actual certified pharmacy.

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  • @oldguy Earnings from previous job are on my November payslip (the only one received, not paid in December) so I thought they’d be on the P45 as well and I do know that if I log on to HMRC to view the tax record it all looks as i expect there. Just wanted to check it wasn’t going to cause an issue anywhere.

    Doesn’t help that I was taxed 40% on entire salary as already had November payslip from my previous job. At the time I wasn’t too worried as it should have come back to me in the December payslip. I don’t think I can get the overpayment refunded until end of the tax year if I don’t get a PAYE job before then. No idea how the payments from the insolvency service get taxed either.

  • I was made redundant a couple of weeks ago due to company insolvency and received my P45 today.

    At part 6 the Week 1/Month 1 option is ticked and there are no pay details to date. Struggling to work out if this is correct or not. I only started this job in November so have previous earnings in this employment that I would expect to see in the total pay to date and total tax to date options.

    Can anyone advise?

  • @ih8people It’s unlikely to be arthritis at your age, but (as you say) it could be! There are all sorts of things which can be wrong with a shoulder (or any joint) and it is better to get a GP to have a look and advise whether to go for treatment elsewhere or arrange an x ray or whatever.

    My left shoulder (and right knee, both ankles, and right wrist) play up every so often. It doesn’t help that I am hypermobile.

  • I discovered that my sore shoulder was quite severe arthritis. I think it is best to get checked out just in case one goes to a physio/chiropractor/osteopath and they make things worse unintentionally.

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    I don’t think you need to pay for anti-virus, Windows comes with its own anit-virus software now pre-installed and that’s all I’ve used. Never had issues but also don’t download random bits from the internet or open email attachments unless I know who it’s from.

    The one that comes with Windows had great views and ratings when it was first release, I assume it still does but haven’t looked.

  • @ih8people They still have a long way to go, and you understand this if you visit them and scratch away at the surface.China has too many issues internally ( keeping a lid on 1 billion people must try any government) really to confront any one imho. There again I do not live in Japan.

    Russia- different ball game.But in the European parts of Russia, they want to integrate.


    An extra 1% on gdp for defence….not realistic with the NHS etc. But I do question the need for 2 carrier groups. I suppose they could raid the oversea development budget for the money.

    Trident should be removed from the equation and treated as a different expense.

  • Do anyone here on utterz use such bits of kit at home?

    If so what have your experiences been like using them?

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    @peter just about all the car supermarkets deal with that kind of thing, and the best thing about it is that they tend to price keenly so if you hate haggling you can avoid it (or just do a bit as a nod to it) without being thoroughly ripped off.

    I did really well with my previous car, a 2008 petrol Vectra estate I bought from a car supermarket near Castle Donington. Just over 3 years old but only 15000 on the clock, basically a 3 year old brand new car for about half the price of new. It was ex Motability contract and the service logbook clearly told a very sad story of declining health, it was about 10,000 in the first year, 5,000 in the second and almost none in the third.

    Did me well for about 4 years until I got bored, and I sold it to a friend for whom it is still…[Read more]

  • So many galaxies, so many stars, so much distance. Unimaginable numbers. Local intelligent life, maybe not. But intelligent life somewhere surely approaching certainty?

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